Monday, 17 January 2011


Sorry I have been away. Lots going on and I feel a little well unsure on how to share some of my thoughts, experiences and feelings. I have been spending a lot of time with a group of girls I met at Christmas and New Year. 

Before I get into that I wanted to ask all you Tgirls and CD's out there have you ever experience being lusted after. I thought I had until I went to a party between Christmas and New Year and for the first time I experienced what being truly lusted after meant. I felt Sexy, wanted, needed and it felt intoxicating. 

If there are any genetic women reading this blog please add to the experience for the other readers I can not express how powerful and sensual it made me feel, how utterly femm and well horny also. 

What is the difference between Sexy and Sensual?

I think this girl is Sexy 

And this girl is sensual - yes they are both attractive and yes I am sure if the photographer chose to he could make one sexy and the sensual and visa versa but there is an inner sensuality to one girl and an inner sexiness to the other

Ok so where is this all going....

Lust that's were....

I was at the party and can I just say I was stunning. I wore my Asos Rope Jewel Chiffon Drape Dress I was at the party with a few friends and it was just yummy. 

About half way through a very attractive girl handed me a glass of wine and smiled and asked if I was Tabby. I nodded and smiled and she leaned in and whispered 

'I am soooo hot for you hun' 

I blushed and she smiled and then said to me simply that she has lusted after a convincing tgirl for many months and would love to explore me. 

I blushed 

She smiled I blushed some more and smiled the drink her perfume the music and her cute as a button giggle sent me spiralling she pulled me into the room next door the room was hot and dark and loud it was full of people dancing and we found our little spot and started to dance

the songs blurred and I watched as she danced. She watched me her eyes looked dangerous and everynow and then she licked her lips. I blushed a little more. 

We chatted and flirted and watched guys stare at us as we kissed. Then she disappeared and I spent what seemed like hours trying to find her in the small terrace house the party was in. 

Not wanting to accept the fact she had gone I left too. I went home partly angry as she had allowed me a glimpse of what it felt like to be lusted after - to feel femm to feel like a real women. 

I got angry and in my frustration, anger, loss and utter and total feeling of horniness I found a selection of images that would allow me to explain how I feel. 

I know she has read this blog and I know that she has been waiting to see what I will say about her. I will be kind and only mention her first name so she is under no illusion that I might be talking about someone else as if there could be. 

The little bitch that stole my heart that fed me a glimpse of womenhood and then stole it away is called Emma.

Darling Emma I want you in my stable I want a huge country home with a stable full of girls like you teases that make us tgirls cry. 

I want you naked and bound and ready for my needs I want to master you control you and for you to need me sooo much it hurts. 

I want you to be my thing an object to me and when I feel like it to sell you off with tears in your eyes

I want you to be my little kitten my pet and for you to crawl to me when I get home and rub yourself on me in need. I want you to feel the animal heat I felt for you. I want you to know what it feels like to promise and ocean of feelings and then be stranded on the beach. 

My maid to play with 

My doll to dress up 

My assistant to do as I please with 

My collared pet - I want to see those lustful eyes dim with submission and only light up when I offer you a chance to please me

I want to spank you 

I want to fuck you - my sissy clit does not get hard but I will find the largest strap on and fuck your ass with it screaming at you while I do so. 

I want to break you leaving feeling you are nothing to me and begging me for attention 

I want you to watch me as I bring other girls to our home for you to watch while the please me and dominate you

I want to meet you while I am shopping and you to look fat while I look so cute and girl next door. 

I want you to watch as a man fucks me

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