Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tell me girls what would you do

Girls tell me what would you do...

1. Lick it up his cum

2. Run away

3. giggle lick your lips and take his cock into your mouth

4. blush and suck on his head 

tell me darlings what would you do


  1. giggle, look up at him with my baby blues, and take his lovely cock into my warm mouth

  2. i would say both 1 and 3...giggle, lick up his cum and then take his big cock into my mouth. i luv feeling a man's cock go soft after he cums......mmmmm....giggle i get i like it the other way as well...that's when i knew that I have the power!!!!

  3. girls giggle you are all sluts

  4. Duh -- everything but run away . . . so yummy!

  5. god, look at his balls... i would love to know what it would be like to completely drain them into my wanting mouth...

  6. Lick up his cum! Lick up his cum! Please?