Thursday, 27 January 2011

Service - An interesting idea.

Last night I had a wonderful wine fuelled chat with a friends - Tom bi male and Sally bi female - they are sort of in a relationship with each other. 

We drank a lot of wine and chatted into the early hours - I have just got up and wanted to note down our drunken ideas. 

Oh and for those that are interested I am wearing the most divine silk satin babydoll nightie from Parisian design house Liliana Casanova. 

It is made from silk satin Nuisette and muslin folded into gentle pleats and a Chantilly lace panel. I feel so yummy in it and when I have lost a little more wight and feel brave I will do a little shoot wearing it. 
Oh and for those that want one it costs almost £500 but it is worth it and was a gift - I did earn it giggle - seriously blushing now...


Tom and Sally suggested that tgirls could earn their place - couples, females, males that were so inclined could adopt a tgirl and help her through the transition she would have free room and board and a little spending money and be allowed to explore her well needs. 

Tom suggested that there would be 4 stages. Stage one would be the pet stage. This is were the tgirl learns humility and has her diet controlled so she looses weight, is trained in yoga so she can get a more femm shape. 

She would also explore her sexuality so she could understand where and what she was / liked etc. 

Each girl can agree what she wants to wear and earn the right - Collars and leads, heels stockings and panties tail attached to a butt plug. 

Perhaps some light bondage hand cuffs 

The pet girls could be used out of home once they are trained 

Punishment would be simple but strict 

The tgirl would learn to love her master or mistress or couple. 

I must admit I was shocked by my friends mad little rant but somehow I was also turned on excited by the idea of tgirls becoming the norm and their training and growth even their transition being managed by their adopted family. 

You could imagine tgirl auctions - wow as I type this I feel sooo sexy, turned on wow I am blushing and imagining myself at one of these auctions.

Maybe it was the drink or the truth but I blurted  this out to my stunned friends - blushing deep red I continued..

This is sooo sexy I would adore being a pet - I would fetch his paper and try to please him...

I would be a kitten and suck on his cock while he relaxed and watch tv or looked through a magazine

Giggle you could imagine the ads - Get a pet - buy your tgirl here fully trained and house broken

Walkies would be the only way you were allowed to cum and this would be in special parks were other tgirls on leads would suck each other. 

If you were lucky you would have a companion 

And as you progressed along your journey you would be allowed to dress more 

Be allowed to explore your needs

Once you had proofed your worth, transformed somewhat you would then be allowed to select your new master or mistress you would pledge servitude to them 

You would then be allowed to take the position of maid. 

Some girls would never pass the maid level they would enjoy serving and the fetish of being a maid far too much 

Each maid would have to be dressed as their master intended 

Punishment would be simple but severe - a simple look would put the maid in the prone position and the spanking would begin

Wealthier households could have several maids

It's not all doom and gloom as a gift for doing well a tgirl could make a formal request to have a fantasy fulfilled 

She could select from 4 fantasies as everything a tgirl is exposed too trains her further

She could be gang fucked 

Boyfriend girlfriend experience - but the boyfriend would have to be a dom

 A date where she is ritually humiliated 

or a school girl experience with a spanking

Finally once she has served 2 years as a maid she is then allowed to progress and select certain roles. A housewife, a secretary, a pop queen or movie star.

I giggled and blushed my way through my friends drunken ravings but that night I orgasmed 3 times just thinking about it. 

Blushing I need sleep.....


  1. i'm blushing would be so wonderful to live in a world where tgirls were fully supported and accepted. we would fill a niche now that ggirls are just too busy...we could take care of the things they have given up such as taking care of the house, taking care of their man, taking care of their needs, etc...

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