Monday, 31 January 2011

Short Story - A Docu Drama The Life and Times of Successful Tgirl

It's Saturday morning and we are with Tabby Jones, the worlds most successful Tgirl. Her husband has just left to play golf and she is getting ready to meet with her ladies that lunch group at the tennis club. 

Camera 1 live - Tabby's bedroom....

Hi everyone my name as you already know is Tabby. The producers have asked me to tell you a little about me and my success and well a little about my private life also. Most of you know my story but for those that don't I will give you a little reminder. 

I was a born a boy and knew early on that it was wrong so I left home and went to Las Vegas where I learnt all about the wrong side of life. But I did meet several lovely tgirls that helped me.

A few years passed hormones and a couple of special surgeries later and I am Tabby truly. I am a pre op in that I and my husband like my little sissy clit where it is - I may go the whole way but for now we are happy. 

I started to design my own underwear and for those that do not follow fashion it became a huge hit.
In fact this lovely pink nipple line bra is from my new collection - Preppy in Pink. Oh girls highly recommend wearing pearls with it guys go wild. 

It's a mixture of almost revealing your nipples while looking demour. Giggle oh my I am blushing. 
I also recommend a single pony tail it says school girl and frames your face beautifully without being all yucky and two pony tail Britney - which is soooo crass.  

Well I met my husband when I made my 3rd million he is the CEO of the bank of USA and is very wealthy. We met at a ball and he swept me of my six inch heels giggle. 

Oh yes I forgot to mention the skirt this is also from the collection and is such a great tease item - guys love you to take of your knickers and then keep on the skirt and sit on their cocks while you bounce they love that idea. Giggle it has never failed me! 

As you can see this is my bedroom and the painting on the far wall is a gift from Kate Middleton I designed her wedding day underwear and her wedding night sexy romp wear giggle - I promised not to tell anyone the details but I can tell you viewers that she wears the pants in that relationship...

Now take a look at my matching flirt skirt thong - I love the little lace skirt but it is still a thing amazing really such a small item but so beautifully made - so many different techniques, stitches...

Girls always remeber to lift your leg up to take off your skirts or knickers firstly you can show off your heels and also try to bend at the hips and not the knees - good girls bend their knees bad girls bend at the waist... 

Do you like my butterfly tattoos 

I love to pose for my two neighbours they are such a yummy gay couple - Martha and Samantha. They have tried soo many times to get me drunk and involved in one of the sex sessions but I can not do that to my husband - well not unless he is there - giggle

Remember a pouty smile goes a long way girls. Show of your assets and girls be true to yourself. 

I wonder when my hubby will be home... 
I let out a purrr and gently touch my breasts... 

The director tells me it's a wrap and they all leave my bedroom I kiss each person on both cheeks and thank them for making me look sooo hot. 

I lie on my little makeup square and pull my knickers off smiling I can see myself in the mirror and blow myself a kiss... 

I sit up and push my bottom into the air and wait for my husbands cock.....

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