Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The perfect pair of breasts equals the perfect women

If I start to blush it is because I am hugely embarrassed by what I am about to admit. 

Like many of you I would sneak into my sisters room or even my mums and almost faint at the wonderful lace trimmed bra's some strapless some more supportive I did not understand the difference back then - As I grew older and discovered more about female clothing and styles. I began to read my sisters and mums magazines.

The highlight of my week was staying in on Saturday I would quickly rush around the house heart pumping through fear of discovery and excitement for what was to become my transformation into Tabby. Oh my I really am blushing. I used to call myself Lisa back then. I would rush around and dress my sisters thong and matching bra my mothers old tennis skirt (she kept it as an incentive to lose to weight and get back into it - she never did) and my sisters cropped and tailored blouse I would then rush back to my room and slip on my suspender belt hidden deep in my room and stockings and then slip into my sisters 4 inch heels. 

A little bit of red lippy and a spray of my sisters perfume and I would calm myself down and strut along the corridor and down the stairs I would then sit on the sofa and flick through Cosmo and Red and then tidy the room a little. Finally my lust, desire, needs call them what you will, would take a hold of me and I would rush to my room to play with myself. I would kneel down and reach into my thong and play with myself. I would find myself leaning on my bed my bra stuffed with socks would be pressed against my chest and my one hand pulling and flicking my sissy clit while the other would flick up the back of my skirt and a searching probing finger would desperately fuck my little hole. 

I remember thinking as I shook with delight and pleasure and my tiny little sissy clit would throb one two three little ropes of cum onto my thigh or hand - that breasts were the ultimate female body part as I pushed myself deeper into my mattress as my probing finger would send shudders through me I would imagine large round fleshy breasts nipples erect and sensitive rubbing on the bed sheet cool and sensual adding to my sheer excitement I would literally squeal - blushing like mad now. For a long time I imagined myself with huge breasts and longed for this I even purchased bras with huge cup sizes and one year I managed to save some money and purchased an awful pair of E size breast forms. 

Imagine the years rolling by my understanding of what it means to be a women exceeds that of dressing and breasts size - I start to take hormones my tastes change I change...

For many guys and tgirls alike this is the ultimate female form curvy large breasts bubbly girly and pretty - I hate breasts like these - perhaps hate is too strong I just could not imagine having to carry them around  worst of all they limit the type of underwear you can wear the dresses, biniki's etc. 

This shape and size is far better it also suits her frame and shape. 

Again slightly too big

Just the right size but not pert enough and the other girls are far too small  

Perfect size and pertness and shape. 


Having said all that there is one thing I still do envy girls with cleavage 


Well ladies what are you big - small pert or huge and saggy do tell and why....


  1. Tabby I am small and pert. I have no desire to get huge titties even if the idea of cleavage represents a concept I knowed nothing about, And besides nobody has ever accused me of having fake titties!

  2. i would have to say the bigger the better....whatever disadvantages there are with bigger thats ok with me.....

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