Thursday, 20 May 2010


I find most tgirls frustrating. I spent two hours today chatting with Sally on the phone she emailed me and wanted to chat about my blog and my ideas and she sounded great. Her email was well written and I felt that perhaps I had found a girlfriend I could chat with on the phone about clothes, sex, love and life.

We started to discuss the idea of being ladylike - what is it, can a working class girl be lady like? Can one train a tgirl to be femm and then to be lady like. I know many genetic women who are femm but are far from being lady like.

Well back to Sally. Our chat started off well. But soon she descended into the usual pathetic fake tgirl only do it for sexual gratification, what are you wearing while I pull on my cock conversation.

Now ladies do not get me wrong I adore dressing and yes it has a sexual plus for me and I adore talking about what I am wearing and what you all are wearing....

So why am I complaining....

Sally it is because you lack any trace of sensuality you attempts at being femm are clumsy and you do not want to grow as a women because your male self is gratified by your need to ejaculate, while your female self is desperately trying to tell anyone who will listen that you are wearing this thong and that high heeled shoe and oooh would it be amazing if a big black cock was being pushed into my mouth.

Yes Sally it would and then maybe you would understand why I hung up on you. I am not a prude but dont waste my time trying to use me as an excuse to wank.

Now onto more positives matters what is lady like and can a tgirl be it?

So far I can think of only two or three tgirls that have ever made it to that status and they had to go all the way. I think perhaps there is only one tgirl I know that has accomplished the impossible and has become ladylike while still keeping her little sissy clit.

What is lady like?

As always a picture paints a 1000 words well it is breeding, elegance and poise. But also knowing your self and revelling in your self. Feeling sensual and sexual but not being glam not pouty lips but smouldering eyes are a must.

As is being well dressed and well groomed.

eating and drinking is important a lady is all about indulgence without being blingy - WAGs can not be lady like - sorry girls if you aspire to marry a footballer then you are reading the wrong blog.

A lady marries, landed gentry, something big in the city or military and into music or the arts. Never ever into pop, football or property.

spending wisely is lady like buying the best because it has true value. Avoid transient brands and stick to traditional well crafted brands. Hermes etc.

taking time to sleep well and spend time on pampering your self

Create a perfect space for you and only you

learn how to use your femininity

have plenty of shoes

learn french and read poetry

Become a romantic

make sure your husband buys you a country retreat

Sally I hope you have taken notes. Stop being a slut and become a slutty lady! yes there is a huge difference. Ladies I invite you to comment...


  1. Hi Tabby. Very intelligent post. I have also come across people like Sally in e-mails and chats. You think you are talking to a T-girl then they become someone who is just trying to get off. Just living a fantasy.

    If you have ever looked at my blog, you would see that I am someone who has always wanted to be a girl. So for many years I have struggled with it and worked at it, whether it involved sex or not or whether it even involved dressing as a girl.

    But I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Hihi Tabby. Thank you for your blog. I have been a long time reader and really enjoy your perspective. :)

    I am finding more and more that being "Ladylike" is in the head and in the heart and is located no where near the penis. I'm at this point in my life where I have done and done again the sexual gratification of being "girlie" and now I want -authenticity- and that sense of -self- that has everything to do with giving yourself permission to finally actually -be- that Lady that we have inside us.

    I am submissive to a dominant Lady who loves all of me - the boy and the girl and who has created such a safe and loving environment for my "Lady" to come out.

    I have to say that I don't know how much of your online blog and persona is actually a "persona", or if it is all just you. I am hoping that it is all really you. :)

    Be well!


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