Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Wedding Girls, horsey girls, Air Hostess and the little black dress

It's funny my early post on tgirls and maids has thrown up several emails in the space of a few hours. Yes hun your so right! Oh Tabby your reading my mind etc. I thank you all ladies but I must take time to express a very interesting email I received from Harri.

Harri is a genetic female - I was confused I have to apologise as I have never come across the name before. Its welsh. Harri tells me she is married to a guy called David. Its her 2nd marriage and his 2nd also. She did not expand on why how or if there are any kids in the marriage. She is much younger than he.

They moved home recently and she went away to a college reunion only to return early as she was not feeling well to find David dressed in the School girl outfit he had bought her to wear.
Nothing special something cheap and nasty she tells me from Ann Summers.

Well she was a little shocked and they chatted and it turns out our little David likes to be called Davina and dreams of being a bride.

Harri explained to me that her previous husband was to put it mildly a bastard a real mans man and she had gravitated towards David as he was very femm. Where her previous husband worked in construction David worked in advertising dressed well and bathed. Giggle oh too true Darling.

Anyway Harri explained that David fell to bits and sobbed she felt soooo bad for him she almost forgot the attire he was wearing and started to comfort him.

A few months past and nothing was said till one drunken night in bed Harri got David to admit in between drink sex and a little drugs that he loved to dress and his dream would be to dress as a bride.

A few days past and Harri asked David to take a few days off work she had planned out a wonderful little surprise she bathed him and started to tell him she was sooo excited about him dressing and a few wines glasses later a quick shower to get rid of any unwanted hair and a naked Davina was being dressed by Harri

She dressed him in her La Perla bridal wear she giggled in her email because he just came and came when she fixed the wig and breast forms in place he just purred and filled my beautiful la perla knickers with his girly cream (she had secretly order the wig and the b cup forms for him.)

She then put on the garter and the dress and sat back to watch Davina prance around Harri was amazed Davina had stopped several times to bite her lower lip and cum.

Harri ended her note thanking me for my insights.

Harri darling I hope Davina fell on her knees and licked you out all night sweeties you earned it.

So for our little Davina and you tgirl bride wannabees a few brides to excite.

I know tgirls who have spent several years imagining their bridal underware! Making a tweak here and there

Why do brides all look so sexual!

When I get married (now I am showing that I also dream of being a bride and have thought about my bridal underwear / clothes / dress etc - well I am a girl!) I will want a little tiara

I adore girls getting ready I find these images sooo sensual and yet so sexual - Does anyone agree

Parading in the honeymoon suite yummy

All brides can be naughty on their hen night!

Your best friend helping you dress

All that lace and silk -- oh my

Maybe bridal wear should be party wear!


Harri also added in her email she dreamt of being a horse riding girl when she was younger. I have found that Genetic Women tend to dream of having a pony. I have pressed several girls and they have all admitted apart from one that they have dreamed of their horses cock.

I think that is the key that genetic women love the powerful animal under their control but they also know that it is a wild animal and could be dangerous. The idea that the animal could fuck them silly, the smell and the leather and the clothing make most genetic girls quiver.

I think this is why most tgirls get to this fetish, fantasy quite late they have mostly en femm and out at this stage and then they start to really explore women hood.

Most girls dream of growing up as the lady of the manor and riding horses.

Sexy girl, sexy pose

I adore this girl I really wish I could be her her body is sooo tight so athletic so nubile

posh girl, horse and whip

girls love this look

they adore their horses too

I would adore the idea of being a posh wife lady of the manor and my riding instructress and I end up being lesbian lovers. I would explode from the sheer joy.

Hot work cleaning stables

My personal fave the air hostess I adore this as many women do as it allows them to be whores and re-invent themselves every time the plane lands.

Finally we come to the little black dress. Ladies tgirls and sissies you should be at this stage now everywomen in western world has one dream one hope and that is too look good in a little black dress.


  1. Tabby,

    Ohh to be a bride! And yes, i adore my little black dress(es). My experience is somewhat similar to David's and i will always be eternally grateful to my partner and now Owner for accepting me as the person i am.


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  3. yea, I think the bride thing is pretty much universal. I'm more about the hair than anything else (yes the bride dress is pretty, but the hours spent curling and shaping the hair is amazing too).

  4. My deepest wish is to be a beautiful bride and experience the whole bridal week and honeymoon. My desires are much darker than need to be described right now, but you are definitely touching a nerve!

  5. Beth tells us about your dreams