Friday, 21 May 2010

short Story- My sisters job

Please Sally please

Tom look you promised

But look at me I look like well like you....

Exactly she snapped back. Now stopped moaning I have a huge hangover and I just need you to cover me today. You know that Steve has warned me if I miss one more day I will be sacked.

My sister hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks and said look Tommy if you do this I will let you off the three months of rent you owe me.


oh you look sooo cute. She kissed me again and continued to dress me.

She slid on her white cotton boy shorts and then she fixed on the fake B breasts and then she helped me on with the her uniform blouse. I asked about a bra and she said your me remember I never wear a bra I love teasing the passengers.

Next came her light blue skirt and she then styled my hair and did my makeup she tied her scarf and then popped on her little cap then gave me her purse her jacket and handed me her 6 inch heels.

She started to remind me of the people that she worked with I had met most of them and she made sure I had all the info I needed.

I stepped out the house and clicked clacked along the footpath till I reached her car. I had dressed several times before. Yes I adore to cross dress and my sister had known this. I am very femm and in fact I am her twin we look very similar and sound alike. Sometimes I am mistaken for a girl.

I wiggled along the path setting one foot in front of the other the heels elongated my legs and helped to push out my bottom. I bent at the waist and pushed the car key into the lock and as femm as possible side stepped into my sisters little pink mini.

I drove to the airport and started to get into Sally. I have secretly envied my sister she is sooo popular and pretty much gets what ever she wants she loves her job as an air stewardess as she gets to be a slut around the world and can re-invent herself.

I had worn her clothes quite a few more times than she knew and on more than one occasion we had gone to parties as each other.

The lights turned red and I pressed onto the brake. My god how did she drive in these heels. I adjusted myself in the seat and my skirt rode up further. The blouse was light and I could see the nipples showing through why oh why did she have to use the breast forms from last years party I giggled at the erect nipples at the time.

I adjust the blouse and felt that I was being stared at I turned quickly to see a van with a guy staring at me trying to pull my skirt down while fondling my breasts well at least that is what he thought. I blushed crimson red and turned away.

The lights changed I drove away.

I arrived at Sally's work and parked the car.

I took a deep breath reached for the door handle the door swung open and I told myself Tommy boy you have a 3 minute walk to Sally's boss' office on that journey transform yourself be Sally.

I swung my legs out and just like I had seen Sally step out of the car I did the same. I closed the door and bent from the waist to lock it and then with my handbag over my shoulder I placed my feet in front of the other and gently rotated it slightly as I moved the next foot forward I moved my hip and then stepped forward again. I enjoyed the movement I felt the skirt pull tightly at my thighs, I felt my breasts bounce gently at each step I listened to the click of my heels on the pavement and my hair being gently blown in the wind.

I felt electric. During the walk my senses had come alive I felt amazing wow does Sally feel like this all the time is this why she dresses the way she does. I walked into the office my boss had not arrived so I started sorting through the flight stubs. Sally had t0ld me to make sure I get the folders in order as soon as I arrived - She laughed and said since she stopped going out with Steve she had to work for a living.

I heard the door open and I turned to face Steve - I had met him while ago with Sally for drinks. He was such a mans man we never really got on.

I could not help myself I had gone soo deep into being Sally I posed as he entered the room fully.

I almost covered the words in honey as I spoke - good morning sir. I parted my legs and pushed out my hips and placed and hand on it and smiled.

Steve looked me up and down.

Sally he said shaking his head get me a coffee..

I enjoyed he stares and thought I would continue my little game. I bit my lower lip and and leaned on the desk pushing my pert arse in the air and lifting one foot up and almost purred at him

yes sir.... how many sugars sir......

Sally stop playing around...
I giggled and walked out the office making sure he could see my arse sway this way and that as I left the room.

I got back and sat on the chair my skirt pulled up tightly I sat with my hand on my waist and my back as straight as possible pushing my little pert breasts forward.

He called me over to his desk and handed me a sheet of paper and asked me to read through the duty roster I leaned over the cupboard as I looked through the duty roster I asked him why I was on 3 nights this week.

I felt his hand stroke my ass then my thigh...

He gently guided me onto his lap and took the sheet of paper away. I felt his cock twitch I purred and looked coyly at him.

He stood up and his hand went straight to the front of my skirt and he pulled up and started to fondle my sissy clit and balls.

I pulled away thinking my cover was blown but he pulled me tightly to him and whispered to me I know it's you Tommy that is why I split I with Sally I prefer girls with a little something extra....

He slowly slid down pulling up my skirt his fingers touching searching digging into my ass holding onto my thigh. He kissed my chest. I moaned and sat back onto the desk.

I gasped and he let me sit back down.

I purred and undid my blouse and said what do you mean sir.

He just took out his cock and I licked my lips.....

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