Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Why do we adore maids why is every tgirl sooooo into being a girly maid. Well ok they are at the start of their tgirl life.

Most never leave the paddling pool of maid-dom. Some skirt around the schoolgirl thing some even move from their to an air stewardess, perhaps a nurse.

I spent a lot of time recently thinking about me about my kind (tgirls, regular readers will know I believe tgirls are a third sex. I also believe that there is a place for us in society. We are more femm, more eager to please, more sensual and more sexual than most women. But that is another story) about girls and guys and I think I understand why a tgirls journey starts with those cliche uniforms.

We believe, we need, we desire to be female and in normal life what ever that may be these uniforms these cliches are the straight girls accepted dressing up de-facto. So like 'normal' girls we try to re-create that effect that idea.

Do I like dressing as a maid - yes I guess I do I love anything femm and adore sensual clothing. Do I like being a maid - yes again I love the idea of serving a powerful man or a sultry and slightly dom and scary mistress.

Ladies we should celebrate the Maid and this week I ask you all to dress up for your partner and surprise him, her or them. I know I will.

Fun with the girls

wee madam

be still my aching heart- giggle

hands up ladies who wants this girls body?

such a sluty tease

Let me work here please

oh my the oven is so hot

I want a pert bum

a true maid

lets play

Maid / PA hybrid


  1. You are so right! Most of us T-girls are born eager to submit and eager to please, so being maid is perfect for us because that is exactly what maids do.

  2. Thanks Tabby, some wonderful pics and by happy coincidence i am typing this whilst wearing my slutty pink maids outfit!


  3. Yes i agree Stevie, and of course there's the ritual of dressing in such frilly things - so symbolic of what we are!