Monday, 10 May 2010

Being an ideal women

Ladies I found this post and I strongly recommend you read it. This should be the perfect guide for all T girls and GG girls everywhere.

The Characteristics of Ideal Women - How to Be an Ideal Woman

Hi cupcakes! Here's a question for you; how do you characterize an ideal woman? Well, besides being FEMININE (of course, *giggles*) an ideal woman is usually characterized by an adequate and well-rounded woman who has quite high standards for herself.

In addition, an ideal woman has the ability to give, to listen, to feel empathy, as well as make a good impression on one and all. But what other things categorize an ideal woman? Well, let me share with you some of the characteristics of ideal women.....

An ideal woman has positive views of herself. She tends to see herself as liked, wanted and WORTHY. She also sees herself as capable and 'able to.'

An ideal woman has a positive and optimistic view of herself - and of the world in general - despite knowing that the world and herself is imperfect. She also radiates hope, confidence and joy - and refuses to whine, complain or feel sorry for herself!

An ideal woman emits personal magnetism, and believes that she's LUCKY. Such a woman feels that she deserves the very best things in life - and this confidence and belief that she's lucky will literally pull that destiny towards her.

An ideal woman LOVES herself and exudes the vibes; "I know how to love, and am loved. Yes, I love myself and am loved!"

*** Doves, if you truly believe in this affirming statement, the MEN around you will also believe!

An ideal woman believes that the more she loves herself, the more that she'll be able to love others. And, she knows that it's only when we've learned to love and respect ourselves, can we ever truly be able love and respect others! Moreover, she knows that if we aren't able to love our-self, then we can't ever count on someone else's love - especially a man's love!

An ideal woman understands that positivity, optimism, and hope is the KEY to a happy and successful life, as well as the natural outcome of having an accepting view of oneself (therefore, of others too.)

An ideal woman believes that a positive perception of herself, and of the world, can, and WILL attract positive people, situations and circumstances into her life. And, with her positive thinking, moods and outlook, she becomes like a virtual magnet attracting iron - and her optimism manages to overcome any barriers.

An ideal woman recognizes that having a positive view of oneself and the world is essential (thankfully, it can be learned,) and if she fails to grasp this particular concept, she'll become a literal 'walking disaster' who alienates just about everyone that she ever meets. And, just about ever single one of us will know at least one of these walking disasters *wink*

An ideal woman understands that self-love and self-respect is a process by which her self image can be FED. She also knows that she can choose those particular things which will adequately feed her self image - and her personal growth depend on those decisions.

An ideal woman adds VALUE to other people's lives (and is not simply extracting value from others.)

A woman who views change and adjustment to circumstances as opportunities for renewing and revitalizing her sense of adequacy.

A woman who's positive view of self has been achieved through a careful nurturing of talents, and by the accumulation of her successes.

An ideal woman knows that every woman should be 'her own project' - and not a man's. In turn, this only makes her more interesting and fascinating to others, and the world really seems to have been specifically designed - just for her!

An ideal woman is capable of creating a significant transformation in her life - who's constantly growing, becoming better, and moving forwards - (and even if it's only in 'baby steps!'

An ideal woman is comfortable with aiming high, and becoming successful in whatever she sets out to do. She's even happy to become one of those 'tall poppies' in life. And, such a woman refuses to obey that unspoken command;"Come back down."

**You mustn't ever have that tendency to restrict yourself doves, and don't you dare come back down!!

An ideal woman is comfortable with the process of change, flexibility and fluidity - and can can go through the trials and difficulties of life, with strength, grace, dignity and hope! And, one thing's for sure, ideal women refuse to end up like those bitter, irritable, quarrelsome or vindictive women that many of us know - who seem to have an eternal dissatisfaction or dislike towards everything and everyone!

**Doves, such behavior will never do for such feminine women as yourselves! And, a woman who really thinks that others will tolerate this kind of behavior for very long, is sadly mistaken.

An ideal woman has the courage to be an individual and to be very unique - as well as gives herself permission and encouragement to reach self-actualization - to become the woman she was meant to be!

An ideal woman is open to following her own feminine instincts and intuition, and in hindsight, doing what 'felt right' has proved to be a competent and trustworthy guide.

An ideal woman has managed to successfully balance and unify herself - her looks, her personality, her soulfulness.... and not just on a surface level, but to a level of real depth. She has become WHOLE.

An ideal woman takes care of herself and lives in harmony with herself. And, when you look at her life and her home (and even inside her purse or her car,) you'll always see some kind of order in there - and even those things will generally be as neat, organized and beautiful as she is!

An ideal woman not only gives to others, but receives (occasionally she'll treat herself indulgently too.)

An ideal woman is careful not to be taken advantage of by others, and is aware that when a woman gives too much to others, she ends up robbing herself (an ideal woman will never fall into this trap for long, and learns to see the signs of a manipulator too!)

An ideal woman treats herself with the same care and love that she gives to others. And, she treats herself as generously as she'd treat an important guest (and believes that she deserves no less!) Moreover, she sees herself as a VIP guest at the grand feast of life!

Well my feminine lovelies, I hope you enjoyed my post; 'The Characteristics of Ideal Women - How to Be an Ideal Woman!'

Ps; don't WAIT to be an ideal woman doves, because our life on this earth really is a pretty fleeting sort of thing when you think about it, isn't it?