Monday, 3 August 2009

Short Story - Some people will do anything to get on the team

Dude tell her to get in my Jeep.

Hank climbed into the car followed by Steve, his college roommate. Steve was always very femm and try as he might he could never get onto the teams his friend Hank was on. Steve had tried all sorts of things from training but that just made him slimmer and supplements but that just made his little breasts bigger. 

Finally he fell to his knees and begged Hank to help him out 

Hank come up with an idea every year Hank's and Steve's college sent a virgin to the top player of the best team to throw the game so that Hank's college would always get the best draft picks.

As Steve got into the rivals Jeep his friend whispered to him (Steve don't do this... it has gone to far) 

Steve now Portia pointed her finger and said to Hank stop spoiling my chance to make a difference you know we don't have nay virgins this year and that you and the football team have had sex with all the girls and this is our only chance to keep the winning spot. 

The three of them left the car in the rival's collage campus car park and they all followed him towards the dorm rooms. Steve looked back as the car disappeared he knew there was no turning back now 

The rival left them in the room to fetch a beer and Steve told Hank to shut up she was going through this for their future their college and the team. 

The rival returned Portia asked what would you like me to do 

Hank started to negotiate a blow job only the Rival laughed and pulled his hardening cock out of his jeans 

Steve gasped the rival smiled 
Steve started to have doubts he had never seen anything like it. 

Steve giggled a nervously 

As always every year Hank's role was to take pictures and he called out to Portia to smile and look sexy. The rival college loved to send the images around. 

The rival started to strip Portia - humm she giggled and thanked her lucky stars for those wonderful girls who helped her dress and placed on the most amazing and lifelike breasts in Kappa House. The girls had shown her how to walk talk and fuck and she was not going to let them down - it was her turn to score the winning touch down.

Portia did everything she had been taught to do 

Hank covered his face in shame

Portia moaned and submitted to the man mountain

bent over now and with a huge cock in his ass Steve now totally Portia maoned and purred Hank was disgusted and Steve pointed at him and said to him if you were a better player I would not have to do this.

finally the mammoth cock shot it's load into the girl boy's mouth 

Hank took the money shot picture and picked up Steve's clothes and called to Steve - Steve smiled and hugged her new man and smiled with a shrug she said I am thinking of transferring....

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