Monday, 10 August 2009

why do these images make me so wet

Can anyone tell me which image makes them lose control and makes them horny? 
The image of the guy on the bed his torso I could lick each little muscle all day long and that cock is so fat and I bet his balls are just so full. 

The other image that makes me wet is the image of the women with the cigar she can do anything she wants me with me I would be her pet forever. 

Let me know what makes you squeal with delight.


  1. The two Kitties are so sweet. I love the idea of being like that and having someone I can just love and play with all the time. The Woman as a collared and chained servant sucking her Master's balls makes me feel so wet. I want to be that for my Sweet Boy who I am with Online.

  2. I love the one where the woman is reclining in an armchair, while wearing a white blouse, a tie and black pants... and those awesome stiletto boots. I bet she's got the poor guy right where she wants him!

  3. I love the Kitties as well. And the Blowjob and the last one, of the woman in the gag - i really do love that one!!!

  4. mm lovely pics
    gratings from sweden