Thursday, 13 August 2009

Where I am today

Ok some of you may have been following the various situations I get myself into. Since my last post I have had some pretty amazing days and some very low days. 

After the night in the hotel and no for those that read the blog we did not have sex with the waitress we chatted and had fun and drunk lots and all feel asleep. Sorry to ruin the image but it was perfect 3 girls chatting all night.

Very soon after that I could not get Jane's email some of you may have missed it I have linked to the post. 

This email had me in such turmoil I could not continue to post about myself so rather than be as open as I have been I decided to post stories and fashion. Her email really upset me and I know some of you commented on it but it struck a chord with me and made me think. 

So much so that I spent a week almost totally in male clothing and stopped taking my hormones and did nothing all week. I think my female brain kicked in after the 4th day and made me shower and exercise I adore yoga and totally recommend it for Tgirls as it does wonders for the body. 

Well I got myself together and cleaned up my act and since I had gone of the radar I had also upset Lisa my TV boss and I had an inbox full of people asking me where this was or that. 

So I made a pot of coffee and sat down to start to rebuild my life and to work out what I am going to do. 

I knew what I wanted, I knew who I wanted to be but somehow these feelings all felt wrong. 

I decided to dress and go for a drive I love to walk around Epping Forest it can be very peaceful and very much away from everyone. I started to get dress and the phone rang and it was my neighbor Zoe... I just burst into tears. 

Five minutes later she was knocking on my door and In wails and sobs I explained that I had messed everything up and that I was so scared and not sure what to do.

We hugged for ages and I calmed down and went upstairs to dress. As I pulled up my knickers and stockings familiar feelings came racing back the clothes really did things to me they really were a part of whom I am. 

So I stood in front of the mirror and a slow but definite smile crossed my face as I began to think of a plan. 

Oh and for those that have a similar fetish the underwear and dress were all from Asos. Tan stockings from M&S. 

I rushed downstairs and began to outline my plan to Zoe. 
All I need it to find a good cheap sympathetic photographer, a makeup girl, Some very cute tgirls / girls and a location and we would be set. 

The idea my dear reader is thanks to Jane and her horrid email and my particular take on being a T girl. 


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