Monday, 3 August 2009


I was sent a selection of images and asked to express how they make me feel. I am getting several requests like this a month and some of the images people send in do nothing for me so I tend to ignore those images. 

These images however make me so excited...

I adore this I wish I was the girl on her knees. The man and the girl is obviously a slave to the Mistress in the chair. Mundane things turned into examples of control or punishment. The act of making a cup of tea turned into a ritual. Oh god it makes me so wet thinking about this image. 

There is nothing sexier and sensual than a women dressing. Stretching the fabric to zip up a dress. Reaching behind to hook up a bra. 

Is there fantasy more exciting more sensual and more intense than the lady of the manor and her maids.

The maids are usually much younger, they are weak shy and timid. Girls, but she is strong a women a sexy mature full female cat to their kittens. She is a predator and they are her prey. 

I challenge anyone to express something more sexual than a girl maid bitting her lower lip in pain pleasure as she lies across her mistresses knee pert ass in the prone and exposed position while she is spanked and fingered. He face a total picture he lower lip quivers she bites it her eyes screw up tightly as she purrs and squeals all at the same time. 

Strong women strutting across the street - sexy bold and domm. 

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