Monday, 3 August 2009

Short Story - Terry needs to be convinced

Terry's wife had transformed her husband into a sexy blond bimbo called Tabby. Tabby adored her new femm body her curvy hips and per breasts. She loved dressing and was ever so good at pleasing her female mistress. 

She was so good in fact that Terry's wife now his mistress would lend Terry or Tabby to her female friends. Tabby was the prefect sexy sissy maid. 

Finally the inevitable happened Terry's wife needed a man and they found that Tabby simply refused to suck her new masters cock and drink his cum. 

Tabby faced the corner of the bedroom her ass still red raw from the spanking she shivered in fear dressed in the most adorable baby doll she had upset her Master and Mistress by not sucking her new Masters cock. 

Tabby could hear their discussion

Thats it hun said Tabby's master she has to be trained I know a man who will have her begging for my cock in 1 month.

ok agreed her Mistress - I shall pack her off in the morning.

Tabby stood till as she gently sobbed 

She woke naked and cold lying on a rug set on top of a tiled floor. He jaw ached she tried to close her mouth only to taste leather she had a whip handle in her mouth 

Tabby's mind raced she could not recall how long she had been kept naked hungry and captive to this horrid man. She was collared and humiliated. A combination of hunger, pain and suggestive films had done their job and the once man now girl would eagerly suck cock 

All you needed to do was present one to the girl and she would suck like a whore. 

The teacher would grab her face and spit into her mouth a form of conditioning he was convinced she would accept cum in the next few days and even begin to love it by the end of her treatment. He knew he had never failed. 

The days past and Tabby soon began to see cum as a food source and was often found begging for second helping. 

on the day of her graduation Tabby's Mistress and Master watch the brain washed sissy crawl towards a plate of fresh cum and lick the plate clean 

She then picked up the bowl and begged for more.....

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