Monday, 5 July 2010

Short Story - Stockings a girl is always prepared

Sammy as she was known to her friends was a sexy 30 something business women. She was confident, sassy and in control. Unlike her alter ego Sam who was a very femm, slim, scared and totally unsure of himself online retailer.

Sam had made a small fortune selling games and films online. He spent most of his time hidden at home in his luxury apartment. He would receive invites to various game shows and film distribution events but he would never go.

Sam was desperate he wanted to be Sammy so much he planned to make Samantha real he hatched a plan and started to accept the invites as Samantha Lewis, Sam created an alter ego and spent a lot of time seeding her making calls and setting up email accounts

As the years rolled on Sam become more and more a recluse taking hormones and slimming further his body changing and becoming more and more Sammy till one morning he woke to the noise of his post arriving he spent most of the time dressed as Sammy - he sleepily open the letters and there it was he almost shivered two years of sliming, yoga, hormones, perfecting her voice and learning to walk in heels and finally the Game Event was here.

he called the event and told the organisers that Samantha would be his representative they would not bat an eyelid.

Fast forward to Samantha's hotel room. Sam sat down and repeated - I am know Sammy Lewis, Managing Director of Sam's Games & Film Shack we are the 2nd largest Game and Film retailer in Europe. I am confident, sassy and in control. - She repeated it three times.Each time she said the words she seemed to grow more female, softer more sensual and yet harder more confident

Sam shivered he felt his male self slip away the hormones the feeling of the clothes his stockings and knickers his small firm breasts, too small for a bra but ever present reminder of his femanisation.

He sat at the desk and pulled out his female filofax and began to make calls, He called all the old suppliers and re-nogotiated the deals and organised lunch meetings for the next three days of the conference and show. He planned in dinners and quick meets with his competitors he made headway with past enemies that made the mistake in thinking Sammy was a push over just like her boss Sam.

Within a few hours the show was a buzz about the new sexy voiced representative of Sam's Shack.

Sammy order some room service. There was a knock on the door. Sammy went into auto mode and shocked herself -

it's open she called out in her ultra femm voice.

She was was sat in the chair feet up talking to a supplier rather heatedly. The porter stared at her he could see her stocking tops the skirt had ridden up.

Sammy enjoyed the attention she ignored the man and carried on her conversation she felt a herself get excited and she blushed as thoughts of his cock pounding into her flashed through her mind.

She quickly regained control and asked the supplier to hang on a minute on the bed she said to the porter she fished out her purse and handed him £50 he smiled and looked at her oddly and turned and walked out of the room.

Sammy smiled to herself and bit her lower lip and thought to herself wow that was so intense, she blushed and giggled and then returned to her call.

She put the phone down and turned around in her chair and crossed her legs. She noticed a run in her stockings

She reached into her handbag and pulled out a new set of luxury silk wolfords seamed stockings

She stood up and prepped the stockings and then

started to unhook each stocking

sat back on the chair she unhooked all the stocking straps.
Sammy felt all the clothes pulling at her they encased her tightly she enjoyed the feeling as she moved the fabric sent electric through her she almost moaned in pleasure.

She rolled down the old stockings and

rolled up the new stockings

She pulled at the suspender straps and clipped the new lace trimmed top of the stocking to the taps

Sitting in the chair her impossibly tight skirt pulled up around her newley formed female hips she stepped into her heels

she stood up and pulled her skirt down the feeling of the skirt edge pushing her pert ass in as it slid down her bottom and onto her thighs she wiggled a little to help the skirt move.

She moaned and her eyes closed she bit her bottom lip and let out another moan and pulled at the skirt a little more her hands were shaking as she smoothed out the skirt

eyes still closed her hands slowly cupped her small breasts and pinched her nipple she purred and her hands shakily buttoned up her blouse as she pulled at the cotton fabric it moved across her erect nipples the blouse was very tight... she could feel the cotton fibres tease her nipples

she could not stand it any longer she sat back on the corner of the desk and and gripped the desk edge as a wave of sheer pleasure washed over her. She felt her groin her sissy clit twitch it was strange she felt a little pain but also mixed in with a huge amount of pleasure she wanted to pull at it but she somehow knew that was the wrong thing to do.

She purred her knees buckled a little and then she came not like her old self she did not spurt cum out of her cock wildly pumping it like some sort of manic piston...

more a warm feeling which turned into a wave which pushed the pleasure out almost like she needed to pee but could not she felt her pelvic floor convulse and her tiny sissy clit dribbled cum for what seemed like hours she felt her panties begin to get saturated with her wetness then she let out a deep moan as she reached her first full female orgasm her cum soaked panties could not absorb any more of her wetness so they gave up and at that moment she felt her cum running down the inside of her leg and stop at her stocking tops.

Her eyes rolled back her mouth opened and she purred a total wanton women. She convulsed once more and then fell onto the chair by the desk

She smiled and blushed at the same time she breathed deeply and flicked her hair she finished buttoning up her blouse and crossed her legs somehow this seemed the right thing to do....

she giggled and blushed deeply as she decided to order a little more room service...


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