Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Short Story - Amy's wish Terry's Anger

Carl and Terry shared a flat, they had been best buddies for years. Terry was a huge bear of a man and would play rugby, football and spend his weekends drinking and chasing girls.

Carl preferred to dress up and transform himself into Amy. A sexy 30 something dark haired vixen. Terry knew all about Carls little fetish and he would just ignore it.

he would shrug his shoulders and say Carl is a bit of a fag but he is ok. And anyway he cleans the flat and does all my laundry when he dresses as Amy.

Terry was out early like most Saturday's.
Carl took a long bath and then dressed as Amy he styled and teased his hair into a femm style
He glued on his fake breasts, they had cost a fortune and if Terry ever found out he had spent the bill money they shared he would go mad. Next he put on his cotton pastel purple bra and a purple lace boy short knickers. A white cotton vest top then a tight purple blouse, followed by a tight short denim mini.

Amy finished applying her make up and then put a CD into the player and started to dance and clean her way around the flat. She danced and twirled to like a virgin and dusted to Kylie and hovered to the Pussy Cats.

Amy had finished cleaning and was getting rather hot the temperature outside was amazing and all her cleaning and dancing had her overheating. She had taken off her blouse and skirt and sat on the cool leather sofa and watch Saturday morning TV while eating her cereal.

The door slammed open and Terry burst into the living room fingers pointing and shouting where is the money Carl. Terry was livid. Amy stood up and started to tell Terry she liked to be called Amy when dressed like a girl.

Terry lost control and roared at her.

where is the bill money Carl where is it have you spent it on clothes again you dumb faggot. You fucking stupid bitch what have you done this time. Amy tried to explain but Terry simply did not care any more his rage was scaring her and she tried to shout back but stood in front of Terry in her knickers as Amy she suddenly felt tiny and weak.

She said Terry please leave me alone what the fuck do you want me to do.....

Terry lost it.
Amy screamed as he eyes flared red and he pushed her to the floor he was snarling like a wild animal. So you fucking faggot bitch you wanna be a fucking girl do you you fucking whore you fucking faggot bitch he pushed her down again and with his other hand pulled at his jeans and belt. He ripped open his shirt and as Amy pulled at his jeans to try and stand she pulled them down to reveal his erect and huge manhood.

Terry grabbed a handful of Amy's hair and almost spat out the words I am going to show you you fucking faggot what it means to be a girl.

His sheer size, anger and coldness made her shiver she was in a state of shock.
His cock twitched and bounced as he man handled her.

Pulling her head forward and pushing his cock into her face. Terry laughed and said suck it bitch.

Something snapped in Carl. Perhaps the fear of being raped, Terry's madness, his guilt at stealing and spending his best friends money. Or perhaps it was Amy taking over she bit her lip and blushed and purred at Terry oh my you are so big.

Terry laughed and just rammed his cock into Amy's mouth. Amy started to suck on Terry's cock all those hours watching porn films Amy was a natural. She greedily licked and sucked on Terry's veiny rod she could taste his scent and smell beer on his cock he must have stopped for a lunch time drink.

Amy started to purr and moan and like a good little faggot tried to deep throat Terry's cock.
Terry laughed and almost jeering said good girl fucking slut keep sucking me you bitch.

Carl was lost. Amy was beginning to become the dominate personality she cooed and purred like a bitch on heat as Terry pumped her face.

Without warning Terry flipped Amy over and ripped off her lace boy shorts he laughed and spat on his cock and rammed it into Amy all the way to his balls. Amy screamed and her eyes rolled back as she felt Terry's balls slam into the back of her ass.

Terry pulled his cock out and rammed it back in hard and fast he kept the momentum up without pausing Amy was screaming and moaning freely now his cock was pounding in and out of her poor asspussy each time he came to the end of his cock he slammed into her and jolted her forward this in turned caused her tiny sissy clit to rub on the couch and become hard

Terry was lost in his own world now he just wanted to cum and he used all his bear like strength to pound Amy's poor virgin ass.

She was lost in a mixture of pain and lust and fantasy - her mind spun with images of cocks, cum, pretty clothes, lingerie girlie afternoons shopping while her mind explored her femm fantasies her body was being abused.

Amy then let out a deep lustful groan, Terry had broken any and all resistance his cock was now freely pounding against her g spot. Terry's fat cock was rubbing the sissy girls prostate

Amy simply buckled as her sissy clit began to spurt cum. Her body bucked wildly as Terry held her down and continue to pound her hole. He was sweating and grunting more animal than man. His eyes wild with rage and lust

As Amy's body turned into a rag doll Terry tightened his grip and pulled her closer as each thrust sent her to heaven and back she felt herself float above herself she watch amused as Terry fucked her ass and her body bounced around seemingly attached to his groin.

she blushed as she saw her face her makeup was smeared and her eyes were rolled back and vacant, her mouth open and dribbling as she was making cat like purring and screaming noises

Terry felt himself reach the point of no return his cock expanded even further and he let out a huge moan and grunt he then came in a torrent each ejaculation was followed by a thrust

Amy's eyes widen as she felt the man monsters cock widen and twitch she moaned and then went limp she felt her insides boil as his thick man cum filled her

she started to buck wildly onto his cock slamming her self back onto him and shrieking as she did so.

Terry ripped the remaining clothing from both of them and pulled her down on top of his cock
he pulled at Amy's hair and forced his cock deeper into her.

Amy clawed at her ass cheeks she pulled them apart to give Terry better access to her hole. She meet his thrusts with downward thrusts of her own aided by gravity

As she slammed down on his pole she felt something snap inside her. She stopped and paused blinked a few times and then passed out.

Amy woke up with cum leaking from her sore and gaping asspussy her jaw was sore. She rolled over and smiled a deep fulfilled smile....

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