Monday, 5 July 2010

What do you feel

What do you feel when you see a stunning women dressed immaculately in her work clothes on the tube or bus in the morning what do you feel inside deep down do you imagine what she is wearing underneath hoping she is dressed in the finest silks and lingerie?

Do you hope her stockings are from Wolford? Her Corset and Knickers from Rigby and Peller. Her charcoal grey wool knee length pencil skirt soo tightly encasing her rounder pert bottom and curvy hips. Her blouse fitted and tight button up just so it still allows a peek at her lace trimmed corset and her matching wool jacket.

You notice her heels are 5inches and your little sissy clit twitches you blush she looks at you and she knows your a sissy half man half something else....

How do you feel....

Do you want to fuck her or be her......

I wanted to ask this question with these images in mind.

I want to be her I adore the outfit her slim waist and that round curvy pert ass. I love the band in her hair and the taught thighs I hate it when hold ups press onto fat legs.

The duster makes me giggle perfection. I would be her for the rest of my life happily.

She is too smouldering too intense I adore the clothing but I think I would rather make love to her and pull on her hair as I fuck her with my sissy clit and then moan as she fucks me with her strap on.

I would love to be her I adore the glasses and the deep red lips. She is slim and not to large I do not like huge breasts. Oh and her hair is soooo divine

I like blonde americana I really do I adore thin women but this girl has an odd tummy. Sorry no.

yummy yes I can imagine being a sub housewife and my dom and angry husband controlling my calorie intake by feeding me his cum. I would be so hungry I would beg for him to cum into my hand so I could greedily eat it.

yes a thousand times yes. Oh my word her outfit her hair her choker yes yes yes.

Yes I would just die if I could be a leggy thin bitch!

Yes I adore the hair the lingerie and her demure look

Oh yes I adore this type of women very thing blonde american - sassy loud and proud. Just look at how thin and long she is totally yummy I would look stunning in my outfits.

Perfect mix of slut and totally innocent. She is sooo yummy> Very curvy but womenly and pert

Sultry yes - great bod yes would I be her - oh yes

I adore this shot imagine being so hot your need cold cans on your cans giggle

Does the choice you make reflect the choice you would have made as a man. Do you become the women you want to fuck as a guy. Is that the ultimate expression of self love or self hate?

I adore these two images I would love to be this women her flat tummy her pert small breasts her hair her look her skin her hips and legs all perfectly formed - does this mean I want to fuck her - yes but not in the way you think not in a man way more as lesbians. I am not sure what I am saying does anyone understand...

My desire to be femm is sooo overpowering I look at an image and immediately try to look for the most female part and then wish I had it. Look at the way her hips positioned she looks sooo femm she is just so perfect.

Again the foot in front of the other and the slight twist all adds to the allure to the female shape.

One of the most yummy things is a women lying down her hips in contact with the bed are pushed flat and the result is the accentuation of the the hip that is on the other side creating an even more defined curve. Too be sooo girly I would simply pass out with joy.

SJP you are my everything giggle. I adore her clothes, her look and her attitude.

If there was a girl I could be it would be Natalie. I think she is the ultimate expression of femm. She is cute and sexy yet sensual. She is fashionable but not a victim. She seems to have an athletic frame but is still femm. She can carry off any hair style and has the most cat like eyes ever.

These women are interesting in that they try to attain male like shapes within female bodies. I would love to have a genetic girlfriend like this my thin tgirl frame pert breasts against her tight body.

She could dress me and we would make perfect lesbians

her breasts are perfect - her body is just divine this could be the most perfect female form. I can just spend hours looking at the detail on a women's body her curves her breasts her hair style everything about this girl screams femm but yet she is is happy to assume a masculine role

and this the perfect opposite yet still enticing and divine

the innocent dick girl squad my fave is Lisa Jane



so many forms and shapes to choose from I look at these women and dream about being them.
being so slim and perfectly formed feeling my panties stretch across my pert ass. The wobble of my breasts the sensitivity of my skin the erotic sensuality of my clothes

I would dress like this all the time heels, stockings and lace.

To be so girly pink and look how long those stocking straps are oooh myyyy purrr.

Hotel rooms would be my playground I would dress like a cheap PA and then scout the bars like a dirty whore picking on fat bald business men to supply me with cocktails and teasing them with the promise of something more....

I would work for a private high end luxury airline where the girls all tried as hard as they could to marry a rich russian or a wealthy arab. The airline's uniform being simply a cap, red heels, boy short panties with integrated stocking straps and matching bra.

I would explore all the possible pleasures, fabrics across my smooth skin, I would do everything

I adore real life shots of girls some how they seem more well real and somehow this means I can be them somehow I would wake up in her, as her her short bob hair her tight little pink dress those white cotton panties tightly holding me in -- ohhhh

this is sooo amazing I would love to be the blonde

sneaking into hotel rooms fucking my way around the UK giggle

I love this shot - I would sooo tease every guy

I would sooo love to be a bunny girl

not an amazing look but somehow she is stunning why what makes her so special and my need to be her?

I was asked the other day why did you start dressing in girls clothes - just look at this picture - a thousand answers in one image

oh how I love stockings, lace and silk thank you woldfords

Powerful women are so sexy


  1. How - HOW!? - does this wonderful post have no comments yet??
    So much thought, so MANY wonderful images and looks!
    But i'm afraid i've come so far down the frilly sissy path, that the answer is "be them!" oh yes, most especially:
    The Maid
    The Kneeling Wife
    The Secretary!

  2. Oh Tommi hun you are a sissy faggot. I bet your sooo cute and you adore the most frilly lace.


  3. *BLUSH!*oh yes heaven help me im SO trapped by lace and frills!

  4. picture overload!

    I really wish women would wear pink more. I know I know, it's such a stereotype so let's lash against it and wear everything BUT pink, but I miss seeing femme colors on women. Fuck women's lib, let's see some femme colors women!


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