Monday, 12 July 2010

Short Story - Learning about your boy pussy

The girls in the upper advance class listened intently to their teacher.
A typical scene at the best Tgirl academy in the world - The Jones Academy for Gifted Tgirls.

Felicity and Carmen took notes and wondered what it would be like when they finally qualified and able to run their own Tgirl Escort Agency.

Most world leaders, actors and actresses all preferred sex with Tgirls and the influx of Arab and Russian oil money had sent escort rates through the roof.

Ok my sweet little sissy faggots a quick pop quiz.
You man is pounding your cute pert little asspussy - your squealing like a whore and everything is perfect with the world list 3 things you can do to increase his pleasure with your expertly tuned boy pussies....

Yes Carmen...


1. we can flex our pelvic floor which will make our pussy walls tighten on his cock
2. we can push back onto him this will increase pleasure for both
3. we can pull apart our cheeks and then take him all the way in and then let go instantly tightening on his rod.

Excellent Carmen.

Felicity how deep is too deep

Oh Miss that is a trick question - nothing is too deep for a trained T girl.

Excellent girls

Now remember your mouth is an incredibly powerful tool in pleasing a man - but your secret weapon X is your boy pussy - look after her and she will look after you and keep your men pleased.

Now girls please come here and help me removed my uniform so I can show you what a well look after boy pussy looks like.

Now girls I am three times your age and look how tight and firm I am this is important men do not want a sloppy floppy tgirl they want a nice tight ass pussy to pound.

Clean - I bleach my hole every month so that I am spotless. Most spa's offer the treatment no need to go to a special tgirl spa.

Now look how clean and yummy it is - this is why men can not resist us.


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