Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Where am I today

I had a rather nasty email sent to me yesterday. Simply put the person thought I was a fag, worthless and he hoped I would (assuming it was a he) end up in prison so my ass would get raped.

Darling apart from my blushing at your colourful language and Jnr school spelling and sentence structure I think I would actually enjoy being fucked by all those men. Don't you get it?

I like a big fat hard veiny throbbing hot cock in my mouth or ass. In fact sweetie most girls do.

Moving on to the point of my post - no I am not a girl well not in the traditional sense. I am a t-girl and as I have often pointed out I honestly think there is a third way I can see a time when guys and girls will opt for becoming a third way person so that they can benefit from a bi lifestyle.

I have selected a number of images that I feel express this idea. I have been reliably informs ladies gents and tgirls that sales of strap ons have gone through the roof. all over the country there are tough men bent over while their skinny femm girlfriends are fucking them silly.

Can some one explain that to me?

Are the women dreaming of having a cock and the guys wishing they were girls. Come you straight guys how often have you imagined what it is like to be a girl and to orgasm like one?

I love being used and this image has so much meaning to me she trusts him and in that totally open giving of herself she know he will not hurt her.

Look at her eyes wishing she was more his.

Pearls and cock yummy

Oh to be this prim and proper and to be sooo stuck up. I would love to be her.

The sub male continues to submit look at him looking into her panties wishing he could wear them

a little fake and a little playful but I do like giggle. I think I would enjoy having a male slave.

I am so excited by this image - blushing like mad I adore the idea of this I wish I could actually live this out.

more strap on fun - adore the trousers

I love this image she is in control this huge black man is submitting because he wants to be pleasured but in reality she is taking his manhood away I find this soo sensual.

The opposite she submits to his fat cock.

Again I am sooo hot for this image and idea right now I could sooo be her

this is such a hot image

Oh my I think I have made a little bit of a mess in my panties girls - blush.

oh my

so sexy.

oh my perhaps I have stumbled onto a new movement we have had man power then we got girl power now we can move onto t-girl power


  1. So very very true. I love the idea of a man using my body for his pleasuring. His hands, his cock, his mouth, all focused on making sure he is pleasured by my body and my imagination! Bring on the prisoners!!

  2. T-girl power, indeed! I'm 100% behind that movement. :)

  3. aren't those that lash out in fact the most likely to be gay and are simply trying to cover their tracks..

    Also, someone was busy this 4th of july holiday weekend!

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