Friday, 9 July 2010

Short Story - Prom Night Revenge

My sister is a sexy red-head she is two years older than me and seems to have all the fun.
We are from a wealthy family and have lots or servants.

My dad prefers my sister. He keeps telling me that I am a useless son and that my sister Arabella has all the backbone and balls.

I would run up to my room crying. My Dad thought my sister was perfect, pure. little did he know she had fucked half the staff and was the very expensive private school bike.

It was prom night and my sister had so many invites that she had decided to travel to the prom alone and dance with one of her young bucks.

I sat at home and my dad shouted at me for being such a loner. I hid in the loft so that I could be left alone. While hiding I came across an old book. It look like it had been hidden in the brick work for 100's of years I turned the pages most were damaged and worn away. But several pages were still ok. I read through the passage and felt a surge of excitement if it was to be believed the spell would transfer my mind into anothers body

I held a picture of my sister and began to recite the spell - I smiled to myself my plan was so perfect become my sister and get caught by my dad fucking the help and then slip back into my body and become my dads fave.

I felt sea sick and then I felt like I was travelling through clouds. Then I stopped suddenly and blinked I felt different...

It worked I was my sister. I was sitting in the most expensive prom dress in history wearing a tiara and chatting away to Jose my sisters driver.

I started to put my plan into action. I leaned forward and said to Jose lets not go to the prom how about we have a drink and then go home and fuck

I reached for his cock and balls and grabbed them.

It was such a rush to see my sisters skinny arm and immaculate painted finger nails do my bidding, I almost blushed as I held another mans balls.

Jose freaked

Miss Arabella please your dad would have me killed.

Oh Jose we can keep it a secret don't you like me
I felt so at ease in her body she was tall and slim and so much more powerful than me I felt alive like every nerve ending was alive.

Miss Arabella please....

Giggling I let go of his cock and balls and leaned back
and then in a very girly teasing voice say...

Oh Jose giggle

Jose pulls the car over and I grab his tie and pull him closer to my sisters now exposed breasts do you like giggle I tease.

Miss Arabella, Fernando, Lupo and Maria told me your were amazing (What a slut my sister is she had slept with Fernando the gardener, Lupo his younger son and our pool boy and Maria the maid)

Yes I bet they did I giggled they love me do you want to join them I am sooo hot for you Jose.

Miss Arabella

Jose reaches out and cups my breasts. Yes my little pet I giggle. Jose turns around and drives back to the house.

I giggle Jose darling not to Daddies house take me to my dorm room.

Jose parks the car around the back and I step out of the car and lead him into my dorm room.
I wiggle my breasts at Jose and he growls gently.

I prance around a little and dance around Jose while holding his hand.

Without warning Jose pushes me to the bed and lifts my skirts up and pulls my thong down. Exposing my sisters slit and asshole.

With out warning Jose rams his tongue into my hole - I blush like mad and purrr
Jose is grunting and growling like an animal his saliva is dripping down my cream white ass and onto my pussy lips my ginger pubic hairs starts to glisten

I push back onto his tongue.

Jose mutters something under his breath in spanish and then smacks me hard.

I just purrr.

Thoughts flash through my mind - getting even with my sister, but why did I bring him here and not the home? Could I be enjoying being my sister? Did I crave cock?

mY thoughts were cut short by the stinging pain of being smacked on my ass then 1 thick hard finger pushing into my pussy closely followed by a 2nd and then a third I squealed too much too much please

Jose smacked my face shut up bitch

Jose stood up and pulled out his cock - my eyes widened I had never seen a cock as large as Jose's.

He pulled of my clothes and almost spat the words out...

ok my little fucking white princes, you like to pretend to be a pure little white girl but you are a fucking slut whore I am going to teach you a lesson and when daddy asks you tomorrow why are you walking funny you can tell him that Jose fucked his daughter until she squealed like a dirty fucking whore.

Jose pulled me onto his monster cock and started to ram it into my sisters pussy. It hurt at first but soon I felt my sisters pussy moisten and Jose cock started to slide in and out easily.

I loved the contrast of my white thighs against his darker olive skin. I knew my sisters body was amazing but she was truly a princess - her skin was so soft and and sweet tasting. Jose pushed his fingers into my mouth and he tasted salty and musty.

His cock pounded into me I closed my eyes and my breathing became short and I squealed with each thrust.

The pleasure was so intense I could not open my eyes but I could feel my breasts bouncing as he rammed me down onto his cock.

The pulled at my chest, lost in a thousand feelings I raised my bottom and straddled Jose
(I was shocked I had said I and not my sisters body. My breasts and not my sister breasts)

The thoughts vanished as if they were being pushed out of my by his cock. His rough hand reached around my impossibly thin waist and he started to finger my clit.

I shook at his touch I had never experienced such pure pleasure, so much energy welling up inside. I wonder why women did not fuck continuously if it felt like this.

I turned around on his cock and started to push back as hard as I could. I felt his cock touch something deep inside my sisters pussy his cock hit the spot again and I shrieked and felt my pussy cum it felt like I was wetting myself but it was my first female ejaculation I squealed like a whore

Jose laughed and continued to pound into me

Hi flipped me over again and took me from behind I was totally at his mercy. he was now raping my sisters asshole, my asshole and I loved it.

Fuck fuck oohh myyy fucckk meee harder ooghhhhh puuurrrrr oohhh fuck fuck
Jose was amazing he was fucking me in my ass and then straight into my pussy and then back into my ass.

I squealed and he pushed so hard I gasped mouth open I dribbled like a cat on heat. I gripped my blanket and shouted out his name

Jose laughed daddies little princess wants my cock say it bitch and he spat on the back of my head.

I was just able to squeak out the words...

oohh myyy goood oog yesss daddies purrrr little fucking princess wants Josesss oohhh goog I am cuming againnnnn cock

I let another stream of cum shoot from my pussy

Jose pulled my head around by yanking my hair and made me lick my cum from his legs. I did so purring like a kitten.

He pushed me back and took my asshole he pounded harder and I felt something snap and her laughed and stopped pounding me - good I have made your ass bleed you fucking shit.

he entered my pussy again and I watched traumatised as his girth entered me.

He roared and I felt his cock grow inside me my eyes widened and then I felt a torrent of cum pump into me. I fell back and let my final orgasm of the night flow over through and around me I screamed and passed out...

I woke up in the back of the car looking rather worst for ware. Jose shook me and said go get to your daddy. As I stumbled out of the car cum leaking out of my pussy Jose handed me my knickers they were covered in my cum juices, his and my blood.

I weakly walked up the stairs stepped into my home and made my way to my room I passed my daddy's study and he came out.

Arabella oh my dear you look a state what happened you have not been drinking have you. I shook my head. Have you seen your useless brother? I guess he is hiding somewhere being a stupid little girl. Why is it my son has no balls and my daughter has...

Blind rage washed through me, the pleasure from being fucked so well by Jose was gone and the only thing that remand was the humiliation. I turned to my father and in tears handed him my cum and blood soaked thong

I stormed off to my sisters room......


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