Friday, 6 August 2010

what is on her mind and what is on yours

You pass a sexy couple on the street. You stare at her your eyes dart across her body you take in all the details her shoes, the way she walks, her clutch, the dress she is wearing, her earrings, her makeup her hair.

You are enthralled by her...

You stare and she catches you and as you pass she stares at you...

You blush, she half smiles and you wonder does she know, does she somehow sense that your eyes were not lustful but full of envy, full of sissy desire to be her.

You lower your head and walk pass

You dare yourself to look back and admire her strut as you do she glances over her shoulder and laughs....

Yes she thinks your dying to get into my panties aren't you my sissy darling


  1. I just love a womans reaction when she realizes that, I wear panties or womens clothing! Or perhaps that I would love to be her!