Saturday, 30 May 2009

Meeting Dad - Friday night and the mess I am in

For those that want to see what I wore please read the blog post 

Well I got ready checked myself in the mirror - cuteness of the scale perfect. I left the house got in the car and started to drive following the instructions Dad had sent.

I love driving en femm the skirt always rides up and guys seem to add 10 sexy points to a girl in a car not sure why but they always seem to think a girl is sexier if she is driving a cute little car.

I drove along window open and kylie tracks playing, while I chair danced giggle and sung. 

I arrived at the house and true to his word it was rather large 

I pressed the buzzer and a voiced cracked and crackled into life and said hello 

I replied it's Tabby 

the box said yes yes do come in the gate opened and I drove in.

There was a car parked to the left of the house so I parked my car behind. Then I got out of the car and picked up the bottle of wine and there he was standing on the door step 

I am not sure why but I handed the bottle over and picked the corner of my skirt and curtseyed and said hi daddy.

There was an odd pause and then he took my hand and led me through the house. 

We entered the garden and sat down and started to chat he poured me a drink and complimented me on my attire. 

I really tried to feel comfortable and get along with him but I would catch him staring andhe kept making comments that made me feel a little stressed - finally I stood up and said sorry Keith this is not working.

Wait he said I have something for you please just wait 

He hurried into the house and returned with a medium sized wooden box he handed the box over and the lid had a Jimmy Choo Stamp. I opened the box and almost fainted they were the pair that I have lusted over for the last few months. 

I put the box down on the patio and took of my plimsoles and put them on and strutted around and then gave Keith a hug.

His hand drifted to my bottom and he held me then he kissed me on the cheek and then tried to kiss my mouth I looked down to stop him and he broke the hug. 

I said 

Keith he interrupted and said what happened to Daddy 

Keith I repeated this is not going to work I turned to leave hoping he would not ask for the shoes and he called after me wait I stopped and said yes 

He replied you owe me something...

although the pause was less than a few seconds it felt like years 

The words fell out of my mouth I could not believe I was saying this God did I really want those sheos... What do you want...

What all men of my age want a small amount of pleasure 

I just nodded 

stepped closer to him and dropped to my knees unzipped his linen trousers and pulled out his cock it did not look that different to others I had seen I gently stroked it and licked it slowly it got hard and then I went to work sucking, stroking with all my energy to try and make this finish quickly this was then first and last time I told my self no more. 

I kept telling myself that I was going to end up fucking for money and that this was the long and slippery start to that life his shudder alerted me to the fact he was ready but I was caught in a day dream and did not react quick enough and he started to pump his cum into my mouth I pulled back and swallowed what was in my mouth as the last string of cum landed across my lips and my cheek. 

He let out a long and loud moan and  then released my head from his grasp. 

I stood up looking for a tissue he handed me his hanky and I wiped my face. 

He then said one more thing dear Tabby let me see it.

I looked confused for a moment and then it hit me he needed to see my male clit. I guess it was a kick for him I nodded lifted my skirt and pulled my cotton thong to one side and he walked towards me and cupped my sissy balls and smiled. I gently brushed away his hand and he stepped back and smiled thank you dear girl 

I picked up the box my pilsoles and left the house 

I got into my car and he closed the door I quickly changed into my plimsoles and drove out of the gates.

I pulled over almost straight away and started to cry I was looking through my purse for some gum anything to get rid of the taste of cum and could not find anything I started to scream in frustration. 

I calmed and drove back the way I came finally a petrol station I pulled in and got out and walked into the shop and picked up some gum paid for it and left. 

Before I had left the shop I had 4 pieces of gum in my mouth (extra spearmint really is worth keeping in your purses girls it gets rid of the taste of cum) 

As I stepped onto the garage forecourt one of those horrid cars (you know the type cheap car with loads of bits on it and huge exhausts full of drunk, high 18 year old boys with too much cum and not enough brains) zoomed out of the garage as it past me the front passenger wolf whistled and shouted show us your tits love. 

I ignored them like any posh girl would and sat back in my car and smiled to myself (although posh girls are above that sort of thing they do love a little bit of rough) 

I drove home and as I was back early I decided to get on with work. I was feeling a little strange and a little dangerous and too be honest horny the last 10 mins of the drove home had me imagining a scenario with those boys and how they would have used and abused me. 

How they would have taken me into their awful car and stripped me and then made me suck them all and then drop me off somewhere.

I clicked the kettle on and leaned over the table to look at my emails nothing, boring nothing oh interesting I had an email from work they were asking me to attend a technical material show in Manchester. They had a new outdoor clothing client that wanted to move away from it's rather old image and try to appeal to funky street customer.

The great thing about these events is that unlike main stream events where you are promoting your company and your name / brand etc. These events have individuals signing up because it is more about the research and attending the various break out sessions where a group is shown the positives of the new materiel. 

I normally attend these functions as a male but I clicked on the link and filled in the form knowing that no one would even know the difference, fear, worry or just plain sanity kicked in and I order two tickets in my male name and female name.

I knew that all I had to do was arrive at the badge collection desk and pick up my badges and they would register me and any other badge picked up as there. I guess they do not think anyone would gate crash a technical fabric meeting.

If there is an older couple / older male or female who wants to adopt (not officially) a daughter I would love to hear from you. I want to be able to send Christmas cards as Tabby and birthday cards and generally get mail with her name on it - I know it sounds mad but it adds another few feet to reality and being able to close the circle.