Friday, 22 May 2009

A little more about me - setting the scene

I have managed to arrange my life around my alter ego and spend most days dressed. I live in London and have a very nice house. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to spend most of my week at home and therefore I spend most of my week dressed as Tabby. 

An average day starts with the alarm waking me at around 8am (I do love to sleep) I get up and (I do love being overly femm some women I have met find this a little odd but I really can not help it - I do adore clothes as you will see as this blog grows and I adore sharing my outfits - oh giggle yes I also do tend to go off on a tangent sorry) 

I love to dress I spend far too much money on my Tabby clothes and somedays I wonder why I do this as I have very rarely shown off any outfits to anyone well this is about to change. These are my most fave babydolls I tend to wear to bed as as I said I am overly femm. I do tend to buy most of my underwear from either Fig Leaves or Victoria Secrets and when I want to spoil myself I love La Perla and when I decide I do not need to eat I have in the past bought some Robert Crescentini underwear it is simply to die for.

Anyway onto my fave everyday babydolls all three are from Victoria Secrets

I walk downstairs striving to move in as feminine manner as possible. For a split second when I get up I forget but very quickly the weight of my b cup breasts forms and the exquisite tightness and  smoothness of my garments remind me of Tabby and I smile. I slip on my kitten heel feather slippers and my silk robe and as gracefully as possible glide into my kitchen (here is a great weight loss tip girls I have purchased small cups and plates that I use day to day to control my portions and make sure I eat as femininely as possible. I am currently a UK size 10.) 

I make a coffee and read the paper I flick through vogue for the thousandth time and then stretch and wonder about a shower and getting dressed for work. I work at home most weeks but I still can not help myself I still get over dressed and adore the entire process of being femm and preparing myself for the day. I wash my cup and put away the paper and magazines and go back to my bedroom I put on my iPod and select a Kylie track kick of my slippers and dance a little then I start to dance around my room selecting my outfit.

I disrobe and jump in the shower I have stopped using male grooming products (I have always had very little body and facial hair but I do love to be as smooth as possible so I quickly make sure all is in order and then I am out and patting myself dry.

Since today is the first blog entry and I knew it would be an easy day at work as most of the people I interact with have gone away for the bank holiday and or work related trips I really went to town on my dressing up today. 

Oh and I adore Channel perfume. 

This is what I am wearing today from Victoria Secrets.

Another one of my interesting issues is I can never just get dressed.. What I mean is I have to dress as Tabby would if she was going to work, lounging at home or out on a date and then I would ask is it a first date is it warm cold etc. I take everything into account. Zoe my next door neighbour (more about her later) is constantly laughing at me. She is always amazed at how well I am dressed even though I work from home and no one really ever sees me. 

Today I am wearing an outfit I bought from Reiss. (currently the time is 3pm again I will explain why I mention this later) 

Dressed and ready for work I sashay into my kitchen pick up my work bag and put my paperwork out on the kitchen table along with my laptop.

I make a coffee and sit down to check my emails and begin work I cross and recross my legs and smile as the stockings slide over each other and the stockings gently pull at my suspender belt. 

I lean on the table and fell my thong pull gently and I get a little excited... I control myself and remind myself I am a busy and need to get on with things. 

I look at my thin wrist and take in the time on my slim female Rado it is sooo elegant and looks more like a bracelet than a watch. 

(For those that want to know I work as an independent analyst for a fashion label. I help crunch the data that tries to explain trends so that when Tweed is hot like the year before last there is enough to go round. I work under long term contracts and spend months at home without needing to go to the office. Sometimes I do travel but not often) 

Most mornings around 11.30am ish Zoe pops in for tea she is a yummy mummy from next door. We got to be good friends I told her about Tabby and she begged me to show her so we arranged a Zoe and Tabby tea session most days at 11.30am. We only do this when her husband is away and it is just the two of us we chat about everything and nothing.)

Well as normal the door bell rings and I let in Zoe, we kiss each others cheeks (I leave a faint outline of lipstick on her cheek and smile - little things like that that remind me of my female form send shivers up and down my spine.) We go straight to the kitchen she asks me to give her a twirl of my new outfit and I tell her I am setting up the blog and we chat madly about what it will contain. The time is now 1pm and Zoe leaves to get on with her work and chores and I continue to think and write the blog. 

I think about Zoe and I try to think about the fairness of our friendship John her husband is not worried she has told me as he thinks as most people do that I am gay. 

I am not gay I adore women if anything I am a gay women a lesbian - that sounds sooo weird I know but I am a very femm looking and acting guy and I adore being with women. I have only ever been with 1 guy as Tabby at Uni and with 3 women once as my male self and twice as Tabby that is my entire sexual encounter and experiences. I have a very female body and although I have the genitalia of a male of our species it is very small both hard and soft. I have always consider it my clit and use it as such. (I am scared about writing this as she will read it - but I promised this blog would be honest and from my heart) I have fantasied about Zoe she is a sexy women and she is slightly dom which I find exciting. But I would never do anything as I would hate to ruin our friendship which has more value for me than any moment of pleasure. 

I do fantasize about being with a man. One of my fave and most powerful fantasies is my bridal fantasy. One weekend Zoe and I pretended to shop for a wedding dress it was a marvelous day.

Ok why did I mention it was 3pm well because at 4pm today which is almost upon us I have a call to make to a client. For those that are wondering yes I have a very femm voice slightly deep for a women slightly too high for a guy. Well this ends my thinking posts I will post a few more posts on some of my most yummy underwear brands and clothing brands and shoes giggle.

Please do let me know what you think if you want me to carry on and just about anything that is on your mind.

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