Sunday, 31 May 2009

Amazing pics and proof of my theory - The third sex

I came across these images researching my theory of the third sex. I am convinced I am onto something yes others have mentioned this idea but I am putting in the foundations and trying to build a better understanding.

In some way these images help express in a comical and sexy way the ideas. Why do some guys who would be straight but for cross dressing which then allows them to explore their gay tendencies only when dressed accept this what is the trigger what happened to them. 

In my case when I was 17 years old (late developer) I made love to a girl dressed in her thong and holdups not sure how it happened maybe I wanted it and it just happened that way. What ever the reason the image below is deffo where these two boys get their start - how long before they are on their knees dressed a cute girls and sucking cock. - 1 week giggle. Just look how pleased their girlfriends are.

Boys will be girls - giggle As the third sex gets established girls will need to be milked regularly otherwise they will cause trouble, special room sat schools will be set up to allow wayward girls to milk themselves and remove the harmful cum.

As the new gender spreads into offices real dom men will be unable to determine whom is a third sex gender girl and who is not. But as most men only think with their cocks there will be the inevitable cock up - giggle and some rough delivery guy will get to fuck a sexy PA while her friend fucks him.

Third gender girls will want to be visited by third gender nurses and doctors. The funny thing is when the other genders see how glam and sexy they are they all want the same nurses and doctors throwing the profession into turmoil until there are enough third gender doctors and nurses to cover the hospitals. This in turn speeds up the acceptance of third gender girls and also provides a specialist employment market.

As with all things early followers will try some will get it right and others will fall by the wayside. 

TV reality shows will feature third gender girls in cum offs and for the first time TV will be watchable and sexy. 

Some guys will be forced to change as they are not male enough and can not find work so their only hope is to go third gender and specialist teachers will become popular much like yoga teachers. These teachers will train and help those that want to change, change. 

Universities will also have to accept third gender sororities and there will be a distinct possibility that they will become the most popular. Their initiation tests will be far more inventive and unusual than standard sororities 

Lingerie ads will change as third sex girls become models and their spending power increases major corporations will start to focus their communications to the new sector. Copy for ads will need to be tweaked as third gen girls will need support above and below.

As always Madonna will be ahead of the curve and will have move into being the first main stream third sex adopter - her new road show is amazing.

As bars are set up to cater for the new breed of girl cum will become the most popular drink 
In some top bars they will serve it fresh 

Finally even stories will be amended to include the new girls and finally the third sex will have arrived. 


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