Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The third sex

I am finally beginning to put what happened on Sunday into context and will be able to write about it soon. I really need to speak with Zoe first and make sure we are still friends and find some time to hear what she thinks and has to say. 

But I made a breakthrough last night I am not man nor women I am a third sex. The elegance of this idea is simple as all good ideas and I am sure others have had this eureka moment also but I have a little spin on it. 

I see myself as bi I am beginning to accept this and feel ok with it as a guy I am straight as Tabby I am bi. But I am really Tabby and the guy is a fake so I am really bi. I have always wanted a female body breasts hips thin waist I am very convincing but the subtle elegance of a women's form escapes me. But I am also happy with my male clit so what am I a freak something caught in the middle. A genetic defect 

No I am a third sex perhaps we are the perfect women as we are in general submissive, all about being ultra femm and adore sex - well in my case I like to pretend that I am above sex but as with most T girls I seem to always slide back into that habit. 

A female friend of mine adores T girls a very sexy, sassy and naughty girl called Lisa I met her online she writes stories and helps out on a site called innocent dick girls and I think that site has a of answers for me yes it is soft porn and yes it glorifies T girls, but it also has a certain charm the girls are all real characters they are cleverly crafted to feel real and their responses make sense and reflect who they are. Lisa is a character on the site and she sent me her fave pic see below it is a great piece of work and I adore the air hostesses and the fact that Lisa has testicles and the other girls don't implying that even within the third sex there is flexibility.

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