Sunday, 31 May 2009

This weekend update and catch up

For those that have not read the last few posts just a quick reminder.

Friday afternoon I went to see what I was hopping to be a new father figure in the end he turned out to be like most older guys who are on their own and who have hidden who they really want to be sad, lonely and desperate. 

It was uncomfortable, odd, misshapen and strained couple of hours. Well I had to give him a blowjob for the shoes but hey I adore those shoes. 

I decided to go to bed early and stepped into the shower with my new toy
After an hour of knee trembling I got changed and went to bed early wearing my yummy Madam V baby doll. 

I woke up on Saturday and placed a couple of posts on my blog and then spent the rest of the morning getting ready. John and Zoe were away at John's mum and dads and they were due back on their own on Sunday. I had been invited around for Sunday chat and coffee while John was out. A bit of a girly catch up.

But I had other things on my mind my data with Carl. What to wear. 

Well after a long and hard think I decided on this choice of underwear. I was keen to create a femm a shape as possible. I wanted to wear something that would make carl say wow but also I wanted to look as femm as shape as possible. The main reason I selected this corset set is simply because it is a little too small. I only ever wore it once and it really is tight. Worn correctly it turns my 27 inch waist into a 25inch waist. Ok I can not eat anything giggle but it is worth it.

The Asos site has a great little function for helping choose the perfect outfit. The outfit I had selected was a Mischa  Barton one. I love the way she dresses so I have a few of her outfits. This is what I had chosen to wear. 

The Jeans are mid rise bleached skinny flare, the top is an Asos double breasted slouch shirt. The shoes of-course where my Jimmy Choos. 

The jacket I chose to wear was my warehouse double breasted mac. Its long and I can hide in it if I start to feel a little odd or out of place. 

I had arranged with Carl to pick me up and drive into town. He knocked on the door and I let him and asked him to wait I went up stairs and finished my makeup and applied a lucky squirt of perfume and then walked downstairs

Carl said wow you look stunning and I thanked him I could hardly move in the corset. We kissed on each cheek and then left. 

Carl opened the door to his car and helped me in. He has a new Alfa Romeo Spyder. I asked him to put the roof up. He did. I thanked him and said I was feeling a little exposed. The car is low and getting in with my corset was not easy.

He drove us to islington and parked in the N1 centre. He got out the car and opened my door and then offered his arm which I took and we walked towards the lifts. He complimented me on my attire and also started to say something but stopped I got very nervous and insisted he explain. We were in the lobby and I was whispering to him as others were waiting for the lift. (looking back at it now it looked like a couple arguing.) 

He finally gave in and said that he was going to say that I was walking in a very femm way and that he thought I looked very femm. 

I said thank you and then said take me home. He responded why and I said either think of me as Tabby or nothing.

He just nodded and said sorry.

He offered me his arm I took it and we went into the lift.

The lift pinged and we got out on the 2nd floor.

Ok Sushi he said 

I nodded and we went into Yo Sushi we were shown our seats and then we ordered. I could only fit in a little as the corset was too tight to eat. Carl kept offering me plates and I kept telling him no. We joked and chatted and I blushed and flirted.

I said lets go for a walk and not a film - Carl agreed and we left. He said I have an idea and we got in his car and he drove us to Alexandra Palace. 

Parked up and we walked around the grounds - everynow and then we kissed. Finally it was time to go and Carl asked me where. we were stood by his car and I turned and kiss him fully on the lips. I whispered in his ear anywhere you want. I blushed 

He said are you sure - I replied no and he said dont worry hun there will be other nights. 
He drove me to my home and got out of the car opened the door and helped me out. 

Coffee he nodded and we went in.

I put my coat away and he asked for the loo and I went to the kitchen and made coffee he startled me by knocking on the kitchen door. 

Oh I blushed madly he walked towards me put his hands on my hips I adored the way the corset allowed my hips to stick out and I felt so girly standing there.

He kissed me and I let my hand slip down unzip his trousers and pull out his cock. Carl has a nice cock not that I have much experience of them but its fat, hard, hot and longish. I gently stroked him and then with out a word he picked me up and put me on the counter. Hun he said you don't have too he hugged me and kissed me deeply and handed me the cup of coffee I smiled and slipped off the counter and slide down to my knees and took his cock and deep throated him.

I wanked him and licked his cock sucked his balls and made a real whore of myself. He moaned and gripped my hair and forced me deeper onto his cock then his cock pulsed and then shot cum into my mouth and throat I swallowed and let him hold my hair until he stopped thrusting. 

He sat back onto the stool in the kitchen and said wow and I hugged him and smiled licking my lips I said no thank you hun and blushed as I took a sip of coffee. He said that he should go as he would not be able to help himself. I agreed and we kissed and then I opened the front door and he left. 

I changed into my Elle Macpherson Silk Camisole and Boy Cut Shorts.

 I lay on my tummy and lifted my bottom into the air my hands slipped into my knickers and started to flick my sissy cit and my other finger I pushed into my asspussy I played with myself till I started to buck and squeal and then I sat up onto my knees and tried to catch my cum but I was too late and it soaked my knickers and top. I giggled blushed and stripped out of my cum soaked clothes and lay totally naked in bed my hands running up and down my body feeling the release from the corset.

I smiled as I recalled how it made me sit up straight and kept me in perfect form. 

I still had my breasts forms attached and I closed my eyes and drifted of to sleep blushing as I remembered that my tummy had my mans cum in it. 

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