Thursday, 28 May 2009

Email request

I had a rather interesting email from Caitlin, she asked me to mention her name so she would know that it was her email I was responding too. 

She asked me 2 really great questions. 

1. Please post an image and explain why that image excites you if you were in the picture (this is not as easy as it sounds) 

2. Tell us your deepest darkest most hidden fantasy. 

Wow ok well number 2 is very difficult as I am not sure what categories I would use to define the response. I am guessing the response you want is my most humiliating or fetish laden fantasy. 

Question number one has taken about a week to complete and here is my response. 

So why this image. I thought long and hard about Caitlin's sentiment what was she trying to find out and I think her question shows a real understanding of T girls. HEr question was nt one of what turns you on that is easy but rather what turns you on if you were in the image would that work for you. 

The image above is perfect for me in response to the question and the reasons are simple;

1. She is a stunning women and I want to be a stunning women 

2. The cock is fat and thick and the guy looks yummy - I want to have a fat cock in me 

3. Submission it is the ultimate expression of women hood to submit to a man to take him into you - this action is very much about being a women. 

4. Look at her eyes she knows she has done a great job she knows that he is going to cum and she made him do so. Her eyes are saying yes I have done that, they are begging him to cum on her face, she is loving him he is her master she is in pure pleasure 

5. Mouth and tongue - she is almost smiling and looking at his cock and his eyes she wants his seed on her face her tongue

This image is perfect because it encapsulates so many of the rituals of submission and women hood. It also makes me feel horny giggle because the guys cock is so yummy (wow 4 days ago I would never have admitted that!) and lastly she is divine. 

I will think on question 2. 

Thank you Caitlin for a great email.