Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The perfect denim Part 1

One of the original causes of my fascination with the female form and female clothing is Denim I am amazed at how stunning women can be in the most simple of garments. 

I can spend a whole day just looking at an attractive women in a pair of skinny jeans. 
I would like to invite you all to submit your images and we can then have a vote. I would like to start this off with these fine pins. 

You can see how she is gently arching her back to pronounce her hips and how the heels force her calfs and thighs to extend and jut out her chest. I give these an 8 out of 10. 

Thank you to everyone who sent in their suggestions here are some that work 

These are great good fit and I adore the cuts at the bottom 6 / 10

Ok there not jeans but jean capris sexy very cute and perfectly tight. 7 / 10

I love these jeans the denim is very thin so they cling just so to every contour 7 / 10

Ok not jeans I know but sooo yummy remember girls keep those thighs tightly closed you do not want anyone having a peak. 

Stunning pair of jeans so sexy and just the right side of tight. 8/10

Perfect jean tight and thick denim amazingly sexy with heels 9/10

The perfect pair of jeans. Worn with the perfect outfit.

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