Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Famous Girl for the Day

Girls if you could be a famous person for the day who would you be an why I have a small selection that I regular wish to be for various reasons. 

Shannon Elizabeth 
The original exchange student - mysterious grown up and sexual tiger

Sarah Michelle Geller 
Buffy tight tops and mini skirts 

Tiffany Amber 
The original pretty girl next door a full women curvy and sultry 

Jennifer Garner 
What a body, what a face 

Elizabeth Hurley 
yummy yummy yummy just look at her those thighs and tummy

 Katie Holmes 
cute pert and a  yummy mummy

Ohhhh her butt, figure and yummness

Holy Vallance 
surfers heaven

That scene with her in Mr and Mrs Smith dressed in the leather oooh be still my heart 

Please post a pic of the girl you want to be and a reason why. Lets see who the girls all want to be.


  1. When I'm being bad I'd say Tera Patrick because her day job looks like such fun.
    When I'm being good I'd say Penelope Cruz because she's got it all... x


  2. When I want to sing, Christina Aquleria. She has a voice that I feel in love with before I ever saw how pretty she was, or Avril Lavinge. She just has this energy when she sings.

    Jessica Alba just intriques me. She seems so laid back sometimes yet she has an elegance and stlye that is cool. I also just love those eyes.

    Ultimately, the woman that I project as the image I would love to resemble. She is sweet, geeky, and naughty. Justine Jolie, she just rocks. She can be cute or just dripping with sex.

    This was a good question. I like many on your list.

  3. Hi Lady Alexia I know all the girls but not Justine Jolie so a quick google and wow she is very sexy but I am not sure I would want to be a porn star... This is so hard.