Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Glam Girls in sexy frocks Part 1

Jennifer Garner - amazing body and features. A stunning girl. I love this dress on her she can carry it off as it outlines her perfectly

I feel that Ms Knightly is a kindred spirit. I want to live in a country manor and dress like a princess and attend balls and sit on the lawn with my friends and chat. Then go for a horse ride with a tall strong man. She looks like a flower perfect look for her

Stately homes and dressing like a princess means you also travel the other great english past time of the landed gentry. Africa, India etc Young girls would travel and become women. 
Ms Knightly looks stunning in her khakis - Yes I know this is not a glam frock but it continues the country landed gentry story. 

Again not glam but ever so cute. Ms Garner looks sweet and sexy all in one yummy summer wrapping.

She in my opinion is royalty she has charm, and features to die for and just look at the way the dress seems to flow on her. Ms Portman is magic. 

I love the haircut the cheeks the smile and those shoulders that dress is singing she looks soo sexy and cute and pixie-ish 

Lily Allen is not sexy, does not dress well, is not very womanly and yet all her negatives come together in a cute button nose package that simply works. Cute fun and energetic. 

Ms Lima stunning body greek statue of a women perfect form and poise she can make a sack look sexy but somehow it is all too polished and too perfect she is the ultimate model as she has learnt to be blank and allow the clothes to stand out. I yearn for her to express more. 

Ms Knightly stunning her geeky gawky shape her impossibly thin body her tone her personality shines and I love it when she does denim and victorian frocks. 

What a dress. So sexy somehow made sexier by the women. Sarah Michelle...or Buffy somehow makes this dress. I wish I could pull this off. I love the curve of her hip and the trim waist. Her thighs are amazing, perfect breasts for her size and shape then that face with those lips. 

She is well versed in her shape and knows how to stand to make the most of the dress. It is an art form and she has mastered it. 

Another fantastic A+ gold star outfit and performance the lady is scrummy. Even her pose matches the dress she really has a sense of her body and style. 

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