Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday Mornings

Hi all it's about 10am on Saturday morning and I wanted to tell you all about my Saturday morning ritual. I normally get up around 9.30am put on the kettle and make some real coffee. 

By now my Saturday paper and magazines are stuffed into my letterbox. I sit on the sofa and have the TV on while I drink coffee and read. Normally I am in my yoga gear having had a quick shower and after a coffee I put on some classical music and my yoga dvd and try to exercise for an hour. 

My outfit is from Victoria Secrets and is really comfortable and looks great. 

After about an hour I tend to stretch and then have a quick shower I love using Molton Brown Silver Birch body wash. I also use Ambrusca body polish and wash. Their Plum-Kadu hairwash is divine. 

I use The White Company Cashmere towels they are sooo soft and yummy. I then change into my "Saturday Chill Outs" 

I have several polos from Boden in pink light blue and light green and the shorts in white I love to wear this style of underwear with this outfit I love catching a glimpse of the dark highlights on the thong through the shorts. 

I then have a another coffee and sit and relax - some Saturdays Zoe pops over but today I am preparing myself for a shopping trip into town tomorrow with Zoe. John and their son will be spending the day with his family. Zoe and I are shopping for a wedding outfit. A friend of mine is getting married and to help me get through the day Zoe will be my support. I have spent 3 weeks trying to decide what to wear. 

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