Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Who am I - Part 2 Continued

So now that I feel comfortable with the type of girl I am and I know what I should lean towards in terms of outer garments I spent the entire evening trying to understand what this Tabby would wear underneath and then it hit me she would do as she has always done and be very much about the moment so I decided to put together a post covering off all aspects of Tabby both in words and images. 

So I guess I should start with sex as this seems to be most of the feedback I get from you all:

1. Sex
These images excite me they make me feel like I want to be in her position to feel weak and yes soo powerful to give a guy a blow job it is sooo far removed from where I am and my comfort zones that I guess it may never happen but maybe one day. Yes Yes Yes I know another white girl sissy dreaming about black cock sorry guys and girls but I just can not help it I sooooo want to be used but I dare not. 

I know I am convincing and would pass most close ish inspections I even have tried to femm my voice and I get away with it most days. I am convinced some guys have bedded worst looking women then I make and yet I fail to step out the door in my live as Tabby she has been outside 4 times. I guess this is why my cravings are sooo mundane and obvious. 

I dream about being on my knees and having rough hands pull at my hair forcing me deeper onto a fat hot thick shaft to feel my thong pull at my ass as I lean in and my garter belt stretch to accommodate my position my white dainty hands with french tips shining on a dark cock as I pump it faster and faster trying to milk it. I look up my face distorted because his cock is stuffing me and I look into his eyes as he looks into mine and pumps his cum into my mouth. 

2. What I have missed - I am so envious of women and their friendships and their experiences. Zoe tells me about her life at Uni and how she experimented and explored her freedom and womenhood and how she became who she is. I missed the relationship building, the friendship and bounds girls make these images express that and Tabby's desire to fit into these images so that she can feel what it is like to gon on your first girly holiday without mum and dad, your first ball and how you and your friend dressed each other, your first hen night, your first shopping trip all these moments I need to invent for Tabby.

3. I want a roommate someone who I can share everything with and experiment with and explore our minds and bodies. 

4. bride I want to call her years later and even thought we only kept touch via letters and Christmas cards I want to invite her to my wedding I want to have an amazing hen night that we never mention and only blush at.

and then spend months dressing and trying on clothes till we find the best gown and brides maids dresses

I want to sit in coffee shops after my dress fitting and discuss what underwear I should buy for my wedding day and night. I want to imagine and discuss how my husband to be will take me and use me and I want to images how pure I will look on the day and how decadent I will look on our honeymoon in his bed. I want to please him and be the perfect wife in company and a whore for him when we are alone. 

We spend a magical 2 weeks on honeymoon and return home I automatically go into wife mode and clean up and look after the home my duty to be ready on his return and to be willing to please months pass and I speak with my friends and we swap ideas for keeping the passion alive I order various costumes and allow you to live out your fantasies by making me your pet. I dress for you first as an air hostemaid and then a school girl.

finally you admit to wanting to fuck me as a bride and invite another women to our bed to please you I agree and start to befriend a women. I make sure she is a little heavier then me and a little less attractive and just a little less girly as I know what you like and I make sure I do not loose my man. 

and finally we all meet in our bed we are both dressed as your virginal brides and we become yours. I suck your cock while wearing a bridal tiara and another women helps me by holding your cock.

We dress like whores and act worse till you are cuming in both our faces.

5. Life continues
we settle into a routine and we are invited to many functions and parties we are both popular and you are successful and we have a great life I always make sure when we are at parties that I am dressed immaculately and that I out dress out sexy and out dance any other women. I dress fashionably for balls and like a party slut for clubs. All the wives are envious and the men tell my husband how lucky he is and he laughs and tells them you do not know the half of it.


  1. I do like your description of the desire to enjoy the dressing and shopping for femme clothing