Saturday, 30 May 2009

A selection of must haves for girls

USB Tulip Hub - at last an adorable gadget for girls - Looks great next to my macbook. 

Paige Gamble Aligator and Peacock Clutch - totally glam - safari inspired clutch by Paige Gamble so sexy so want one now!

Lacoste Short Sleeve Polo Dress - I love this dress. It is perfect adorable and a timeless classic any and every girl needs this in her wardrobe.

Kate Spade Preston Hollow Large Flower Pot - This is a of the scale cute everyday bag I love it and just about everything Kate makes. The polka dot lining makes this every day tote a pleasure to use.  

Cache Chiffon Trapeze Dress - If you are looking for that perfect head turning, stuff strutting, Perfect New Years eve or any eve garment then look no further. The smoky gray dress falls in sexy silken pleasts just a few inches above the knee and the rhinestone collar adds that little bit of bling needed for those occasions when bling will only do. 

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