Monday, 25 May 2009

Who am I - Part 2

I spent yesterday shopping with Zoe and a shop girl really made me think about who, what type of girl I want to be. Some of you think this is a silly thing to worry about but for me it is vital part of Tabby I want to build a map of her character so I can be sure how she will re-act in any given situation. 

Zoe and I discussed this issues after we left the shop and I have been pondering this all day and finally I have a list of character states so I can start to really map out who I am when I am Tabby

So here goes for the first time ever:

1. Tabby is bi she adores femm girls and very macho guys 

2. Tabby adores the outdoors (as long as it is clean and there is no mud or discomfort) but is not a farmy girl rather she is a posh horse riding chelsea set girl modern city but likes to go to the country and stay in stalely manors

3. Tabby would love to make love to the help in the barn while the horses watch 

4. Tabby is far too posh to say yes but would never say no

5. Tabby loves to have girl friends and spend time with them and meet hubby in the evening 

6. Tabby plays tennis watches polo and rides horses

7. Tabby drives a Mini convertible 

8. Tabby loves the opera and musicals and adores plays

9. Tabby dreams of being taken roughly by a black guy but would never admit it until she had drunk far too much champagne

10. Tabby loves too flirt

11. Tabby would not eat for a week for the right pair of shoes or dress

12. Tabby hates any mess and this makes her less likely to have sex but if she is turned on she can not stop. 

13. Tabby would normally not swallow but see point 12

14. Tabby loves to watch 

15. Tabby loves gifts and she likes to be spoilt

These images express Tabby very well.

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  1. Love your list. Many things in common. Have a wonderful day!