Friday, 29 May 2009

Wanna Be

I came across a nice little blog called wanna be the premise seemed simple find an image or images of a girl and post them under the tittle "Wanna Be" 

Simple well not when Tabby is involved firstly I could not just settle on one shot of the girl secondly I needed to explain each image so after searching the web I think finally I have some thing to share with you. 

I adore her athletic body pert small ish breasts her hair is yummy and she is ever so cute.

I adore the hair and the cute level is out of this world - Oh to be her 

Love the hair and love the bod just a hint of tummy muscle but still very femm and very cute.

This is the best image by far look at her waist and the way her bottom curves back and up pulling her tummy taught and guiding your eye to her lovely powder blue panties. I adore this pose and adore this girl.

I love the curve of a womens hip and the plmp pert bottom and the best thing is that feeling of a thong as it passes by your cheeks and the two dimples just above the bottom so yummy

Athletic, feminine, pert, cute and a smile to die for this girl has it all. The cow - giggle

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