Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tuesday Morning

I need to get dressed and start my day but I am so stuck in the weekend mode and thinking about what has happened. I still need a little more time to get to grips with what I want to say. 

I will not be seeing Zoe today for our 11ish am coffee chat as I have a conference call that will last most of the day. Also I think I need a few days away to stop blushing and feeling like a total slut about my last post.

Anyway onto the important things what am I wearing today well last night I could not sleep and I ended up blogging to the silly hours. I finally got changed and went to bed around 2am. I needed to feel sexy and femm and I wanted to feel a little special as I was a little down last night - too much wine and too much thinking so I wore one of my most overly femm night gowns 

well I am sitting in my kitchen dressed in my most divine night gown sipping coffee typing this. I need to start thinking about work and prepping for my call today but I just don't feel like it 

I want to explore who Tabby is I want to try and fine her signature I feel like I am taking positive steps but I have so far to go and very little energy left. Perhaps some posting of totally glam girls will help. 

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