Thursday, 28 May 2009

The most embarrassing thing ever & getting ready for Friday

I was very studious today working away trying to make up for tomorrow adventure. I kept thinking about what to wear and what will happen when I visit Keith. We spoke again today and he said it was ok to use his first name on my blog.

I was very childlike and giggly when I spoke with him and I felt comfortable calling him Daddy. I am convinced he is going to be ok and not a loon (sorry Keith if you are reading this) I have a very good feeling I think he is just lonely and is excited by the idea of a T girl daughter even if she is not really his daughter but pretends to be. 

To be honest it also makes me feel wanted. 

Well as I was saying I was working away today and getting an awful lot done when there was a tap at my front door I opened the door and Zoe popped in.

Hi hun coffee 

Yes please

as we both walked into the kitchen 

we chatted for a few minutes and Zoe went all red and sheepish.

Zoe what is wrong hun....

She just looked at me and said hun you left your knickers at my place on Sunday night. I found them when I was clearing up this morning and they were in a bit of a state so I washed and dried them for you.

I stood with my mouth opened wide and went sooo red. That Zoe asked if I was going to cry.

I mumbled an apology and Zoe laughed and said welcome to women hood hun I dread to think how many times I have left my knickers at boy friends in alley ways. 

She hugged me I hugged her back and we sat down for a chat with our coffees.

I told her about Keith and my Friday lunch with my new dad and she asked what would I wear and to be honest I had to admit to not being sure I had worked through a number of outfits and could not decide so we went upstairs and started to play dress up - my most fave game. 

We decided on being demur and girly. 

So we went with my CK undies in black simple cotton. 

Then we discussed what else to wear - garden party being posh looking girly and we decided on my fred perry silk trimmed deep v neck sweater and a gym pleated mini skirt 

And just to add to the cuteness factor I suggested a pair of converse plimsoles

and a hair band and some sunglasses 

Standing there posing for Zoe she squealed and I did too I was sooo utterly cute it hurt. She was half dressed as she was trying on my clothes so she was wearing a little cropped polo top and her boy cut knickers and pretty much nothing else I twirled this way and that showing off 
and we giggled and then hugged and then kissed and then I was on my knees head buried between her legs nibbling she fell onto the bed and helped her pull down her knickers and started to lick her pussy like a greedy puppy...

I paused and whispered hun what about John she pushed my head back down and whispered he knows hun and he is ok. Any way he can wank over it when he reads your blog tonight. she giggled and I just nuzzled and licked

I felt her fingers push me to one side and I watched wide eyed as she fingered her clit and every now and then I licked her fingers and slit 

she moaned and then her thighs clamped down on my head and she bucked her pussy into my face she rubbed her self on me as she bit her lip and tried to stop moaning she made little cute noises and her tummy tensed and she bucked once twice and then she collapsed backward onto the bed. 

I crawled up her kissing and licking her as I went and finally reached her lips we kissed long and hard and she slowly undressed me down to my underwear 

Her hand slipped into my thong and she giggled hun it is small I blushed and she kissed me deeply she gently led me to my feet and bent me over the blanket chest box at the end of my bed my ass was pointing sky ward and she giggled at me I could feel her hands touching me sliding in and out of my thong.

I shuddered as I felt her pick up the string and move it over to one side to expose my asspussy she licked me along the entire length from the base of my sissy balls to my asspussy hole. 

I squealed 

she whispered baby likes that I just nodded and moaned 

suddenly she spanked me cheeks once twice and a third time and then gently rubbed them. 

Her fingers were now gently squeezing my male clit and rubbing it a little and hardened a little and then she gently started to stroke it. 

I moaned and then she pushed her finger into me and then another and started to push in and out and then I let out a squeal and started to cum she held my fore skin tightly and I just kept cuming when I calmed down she pulled her fingers out and then pulled down my thong and cupped her hand under my now flaccid clit and let the collected cum fall into her hand she raised it to my mouth and I licked it up she pushed her hand into my face and smeared the cum across my cheeks and lips and then kissed me deeply. 

we broke the kiss and then she excused herself and strutted into the bathroom closed the door and left me standing there I started to clean up and then when she emerged dressed she kissed me again and said don't worry hun I will show myself out and left. I finished of cleaning up changed and returned to my laptop and work.