Friday, 29 May 2009

Being femm

Being Femm - what does this mean. I think as I have pointed out in other posts for Tgirls it can mean many things for me it is a combination of looking and feeling femm, dressing, and acting like a women but in all aspects of life. 

I have listed some simple things that I do that really do help me feel like a women.

In a rather un-female way I will make a list:

1. I have marked in my diary when I have my period and I do so every month and I go through all the roles I need to play out to make it real I even change the style of my knickers to allow for liners. 

2. I do all my work both personal and work related like a girl I avoid acting / responding like a man at all.

3. I have baths more than showers and use female grooming products

4. I never stand to pee not even when I am out in male attire.

5. I buy female magazines and watch female films and read female books

6. I eat like a girl and exercise like a girl 

7. I have overly female interiors to my home and I am interested in female Tv programmes

8. I refer to my penis as a male clit or sissy clit my bottom as my asspussy or sissy pussy and my testicles as my sissy balls

9. I never wank I always use my male clit like a women would and use my asspussy

10. I try to be submissive at all times

It is also a state of mind try to become the girl you want and be proud of who she is even if she is a bitch. I wanted to be a very nice girl next door but it turns out Tabby is a little snooty and likes to think she is upper class I know this sounds a little mad but it is vital the girl in you grows into whom she should be and not whom your subconscious male self wants her to be. 

A good rule of thumb apparently is to cast your mind back and remember a girl that excited you / turned you on but you did not like that is a good starting place I am told. 

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