Friday, 29 May 2009

Story for Caitlin

Hi all, 
Caitlin has sent in a request she wanted a picture story and has begged me to write a naughty, fem dom story - I always aim to please - wink - 

Oh Sally just shut up you stupid girl - shouted Miss Tabby. Look at Caitlin she is ever so sub why can't you be like her. 

Sally started to respond and Miss Tabby grabbed the girl and started to spank her. 

The girls were recently best friends that had fallen under Miss Tabby spell. Not that it was hard both boys had adore the feeling of silk and the heaviness a D cup breast brings to a girls chest. They adored their femm clothing now all that was left was to break any connection with maleness and Tabby knew exactly how to do this.

Miss Tabby pushed down both girls and positioned them back to back on their knees. The girls looked at each other faces furrowed with worry. Miss Tabby simply continued to move the girls into the correct position. When she was happy Miss Tabby turned away and reached for some equipment she stood up and whispered now ladies you will learn...

Miss Tabby attached ball gags and ties so that they could not move and then she inserted a double ended industrial vibrator she pushed both ends deeply into the girls asspusssy's 

Both girls moaned and flinched - Miss Tabby smiled knowingly and then she blushed - she remembered her first experience of this pleasure torture she was broken in this way very few tgirls could stand the pleasure 

Miss Tabby said look at the camera girls and  smile there was a whirl and a click and the moment was capture forever. Shall we send the picture to your families girls 

Both girls struggled at the threat trying to escape Miss tabby laughed and then grabbed a handful of each girls hair and pulled them back onto the device their pussy's slid further onto the device as their bodies ate the tube they shudder and moaned then suddenly they passed the sensor and the device buzzed into life.

Both girls squealed as the device not only buzzed and vibrated but also expanded and extended inside each girl then the device split open inside each girl and a small feeler searched for the girls prostate and then latched onto each gland. The device closed and returned to vibrating, expanding and extending in each girl they both squealed and bucked back onto the device which in-turned forced the device further into the girl behind. 

Miss Tabby watched for a while blushing slightly as her asspussy remembered the feelings she shivered as her male clit released a little bit of pre cum she smiled and pressed the final button and she walked away leaving the girls to their squeals and moans...

As she walked towards the door and her hips swayed and each foot was placed in front of the other and her impossibly high heels clicked on the tiled floors she paused waiting her hand on the door handle then the device let out the charge it travelled along the cable and then set a tiny charge off on each girls prostate both girls just started cumming and cumming they squealed and bucked and shouted then the charge again and more cum 

the panic on their faces was obvious Miss Tabby smiled and closed the door.
She checked her watch the time was 1.30pm she knew in less than 1 hour both boys would never feel male again they would yearn for the feeling that the machine was pulsing therough their bodies. Tabby walked along the corridor smiling as she heard the girls squeal. She thought to herself any moment now she stopped walking to make sure she heard the sound..........and then it came a long low moan which got higher in pitch and intensity, she knew that that was the first hurdle the girls were on their way they had thanks to the device and their over eager prostates just experienced their first female / male orgasm. 

Tabby continued to walked along the corridor listening to a mixture of pain and pleasure as both girls were sent to the ultimate hieghts of pleasure and then beyond.

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