Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What is Perfection

What, who is the perfect women - Helen of Troy was said to be the most beautiful women.  Can Tgirls with their certain look be considered beautiful? 

One of the most beautiful tgirls I know is Becky her site is http://www.tsbecky.com she is stunning 
and very femm. Unlike other tgirls she does look femm. I have imagined spending the weekend with her. Blushing like mad. 

Why is she so amazing? She is thin her eyes are to die for. She has female proportions and most of all she looks like the girl next door. 

I love this image it feels very Helen of Troy the head dress is soo sexy and the set so virginal I do love to look like a bride, it just sooo yummy. It is truly a moment when a women is perfect she is truly allowed to shine. 

Sultry, sensual and so femm. I love this pose it is perfect the naughtiness of the underwear the perfect cut of the cups on the bra but she has her legs firmly closed the whoreish gloves and the hold ups complete the picture, she does look deep in thought and a little blush - I wonder what she is thinking of. 

Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect look - she could not be hotter

Girls right now hands up - comments below is this not the most yummy tummy, hips, and hipster jeans. 
The short seat of the jeans exposing the girls tummy and leading us all deeper. 

Who in the right mind would not want to look like this. I bet she is so sensual that sparks fly when she struts. This is perfection this is what we want to be....

I guess this feeling this need is very much a tgirl need but to be dressed and preppy is perfection in my mind

Imagine the confidence you have as a stylish young attractive women. You can go anywhere do anything you want and people will let you do these things just to spend some time with you. 

OMG girls please tell me you agree could this girl be any sexier!

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  1. Oh yes Tabby! Those hipster jeans. OMG! Very alluring indeed. . . Great post!