Monday, 21 February 2011

Does anyone like cum

Most Tgirls I know play with their little sissies clits and when they cum they catch a little of it in their hand and shamefully they lick their hand clean. 

Many Tgirls moan about genetic women not swallowing or liking cum. Well let me tell you when a fat cock is pounding your mouth and then throbs and lets a river (and yes it does feel like a river) of hot cum into your mouth and sometimes straight into the back of your throat it is very different from gently licking your hand clean. 

For those that have had the experience share your thought s pls. 
Do you like the taste, smell, feeling, texture? Do you swallow? 

Or do you let him cum on your face?

Are you the type that pretends to love his cum and gently and everso elegantly push the drops on your lips onto your tongue?

Do you pull at his cock hard because you want his cum need it?

Do you let it dribble onto your chin and breasts 

Or are you in-expreinced - poor girl I have been there what do you do...

Is it wrong to laugh?

or is it always a serious business?

Does anyone really like cum?


  1. kool yummy post ! i like to swallow boys cum. it tastes good to me . i also like my own pre cum. some of it goes on my nipples ( try it ! ) and some goes in my belly button ( try it ! ! ! ) and some goes on my tongue....i mean, i just like the taste, and it feels i do it. no shame attached to anything sexual that i do. not married / no mistress.....i do what i like.

    love ur posts Tab. xxx wetcumkisses. Me

  2. I have to be honest: I absolutely love cum, but not so much the taste. It's always thrilling when the cock in my mouth starts to twitch and then explodes, and I always try to swallow everything, but I have had loads so large that I choked. The truth is that cum tastes much better in small amounts, which is why I prefer for that hard cock to blast the first couple shots down my throat and then pull out, giving me a nice mouthful and finishing with a jizzy facial. One of my favorite parts is cleaning the cummy trails from a still hard cock and from my face -- just keep it out of my hair, and if we're out in public, please spare me the facial -- I'll gladly swallow it all.

  3. Hmmm, I always find the expectations much more thrilling than the outcome.... I love the feeling of giving head then him twitching in my mouth then the gush happens and I try so hard to swallow it all, but it never quite happens. I either choke or he pulls out and sprays me... either way it's not how I imagine it's going to go. I do love cleaning all the cum from my lovers cock though. Giving it a thorough tongue bath afterwards is all just part of the job.

  4. I loove cock cream. It's great sucking and teasing his cock and balls till he starts moaning. Maybe he grabs your head or thrusts hard as he explodes, in any case I love that feeling of power giving him an orgasm. Of course, I get the cum pumped in my mouth, or down my throat and sometimes on my face. In any case, I do love the taste, in small or large amounts and lick it all up. I do have a German Goo Girl fantasy/desire and would love to have all that cum those girls get.

  5. Umm! I love to give my man a blow job until he explodes and pumps his cream into my mouth. However, I almost always gag after he squirts a couple of loads... I do why...I love the taste.

  6. I've never given a blowjob, so I can't share the thrill of having a cock explode in my mouth. But I do love swallowing my own cum. I love to lay on my back and toss my legs behind my back so my clitty is only inches above my face. Then I pump all that sweet warm cream into my waiting mouth.

    I really wish I could give myself a blowjob - that would be so fabulous!

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