Monday, 7 February 2011

Cute Ideas to make you even more darling

A old trick but a very effective one for sissy girls...

Try to be as cute and pink as possible. Try to look very girlie and bubbly but be careful not to go to far. 

For those with the right look - good hair and yummy eyes add a little coyness - guys will die for this look. Cotton panties, boy shorts and matching bra a must. 

For those that like to play around the edges of fetishes - I adore this idea. Can there be anything more cute than a cute femm sissy on a lead.  I love the idea of having her legs restricted and tied sooo sexy the holdups add a school girl feel to the whole thing. 

How sexy - can something be cute and sexy?

Girls invest in one amazing outfit - spend as much as you can on one gorgeous, divine lingerie set and watch your man melt. The more out of the norm the better. Most important of all and remember this will be difficult do NOT wear it all the time - tease him and yourself with it. Make it special. 

For those girls, sissies who have a mistress - don't be afraid to play with the clothes when enfemm male clothes stand out more and make the whole thing feel special. but remember to make this work you have to be ultra femm and convincing 

Glasses - even if you don't need them some guys just love that look!

Prim and proper school ma'am. Stern look, tight and unforgiving clothing - girls sorry but size 10 and under only please unless you are using corsets and heavy shaping underwear -  this look is slim and stern 
Your aim is a tiny round tummy see below and everything else should be slim. 

The skirt must be a pencil skirt rubber, leather is best. Wool is the only other option - high wasted. Grey or black. The white blouse must be overtly femm and flouncy and must be brilliant white or cream. Cotton is ok but silk blends are best.

A modern grown up approach to school girls - they will cum in their pants girls trust me. 

My last bit of advice - girls if you got it and look like this then stop reading my blog and flaunt it!

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  1. "Can there be anything more cute than a cute femm sissy on a lead?"

    I think not. That picture is just so intoxicating, wowee! Shawna want!!!