Thursday, 17 February 2011

So many thoughts

I had a huge argument yesterday afternoon with a stranger. I was not very ladylike and to my shame resorted to whatever maleness was left in me. 

He stopped hassling me when he realised that I was not 'blush' your average girl! It has been a while since my anger has got the better of me and I have let myself down.

Ladies this is sooo important to me do I write like a girl or a guy? Do you know I am a tgirl or do I sound like a girl am I convincing in my thinking and therefore my writing? 

Please please please tell me the truth I promise to cry and hide for days giggle. 

Back to my point - his shock stopped him he pushed past me and spat out the words - fucking freak....

I tosed my hair and laughed and walked on...

I stopped after 3 feet or so and pretended to check my hand bag and made sure he had turned the corner and then I burst into tears and my legs felt weak and I had to lean against a shop window. 

Two lovely ladies who had watched what happened from about 10 feet away while queuing at the ATM were now walking towards me and stopped to help. 

They took me to a wonderful cafe on Shoreditch high Street and they order a pot of tea for us all. I was shaking and they just held my hand.

Finally I spoke and said thank you. 

We chatted for some time and I knew they had begun to suspect I was a little different.

A little about my two new friends - I guess they are both in their late 30's both work in the City - something in banking or re-insurance but hate it and tend to lunch in Shoredtich as they 'get away from the assholes' their words not mine giggle.

Diane seemed to be the older one. Helen was about the same age a little younger and less direct. Finally Helen said Tabby can I ask you a questions 

I blushed 

They laughed 

I blushed some more and then something simply darling happened - Diane held my hand and said it's ok hun. I smiled and said thank you

They blushed I giggled

We chatted for about an hour and then they left to go back to work - In that hour we decided to set the record straight. We talked about everything and they almost drowned me in questions. Are my breasts real? Do I sleep with guys or girls? Am I Bi? Gay? etc...

We talked like old friends and we agreed that....

Yes guys SIZE is important and we love fat thick cocks with nice plump heavy balls. 

No not all of us likes your cum and no it does not help condition our skin - giggle

We are not all lying on bed sliming waiting for you to get home drunk and stick your cocks up are ass (ok this is not applicable to tgirls - blushing and giggles) 

If you want me to look like this 

or this 

Or even this although I would adore the outfit - giggle 

Then you better get in shape too. 

No I will not sleep with my best friend so you can watch us both 

Treat us well and we will do anything for you perhaps even sleep with our best girlfriends- blushing 

If we get drunk treat us like a lady even if we start to behave like a whore

We love to dress up also but hun not the cheap stuff

The ladies left at this point and this is where I carry on the thinking the need for me to find common ground with genetic women is getting stronger I am not sure if the hormones play a part in this or if it is part of my development but I need to express myself and this blog currently is the only place I can muse.

So on we go...
we do love your cocks honest

Some of us even like to be controlled

Some of us like to role play - A kitty Pet

Cute School girl

A whore

Some of us like to serve 

I long for a man to treat me like this to make me his and then use me but love me also

Be honest who does not find this sexy?

or this just look at her face

I want to belong to a group of girls that share an interest 

I love to horse ride

And to be ridden

I want to look like this to be ever so darling

why does this turn me on soooo much


  1. I am so sorry for your experience. For the other part, I continue to swell with pride when I read these sorts of blog posts from you.

    I don't recognize anything masculine about you.

  2. I recognize you for the beautiful person you are Tabby! As I write this, I'm visualizing you in my minds eye as an attractive, demure, and very feminine lady... You definitely write with a feminine "voice." Sorry to hear about your altercation. The little [holding forefinger and thumb close together] FUCKER! :-) Good for you!

    On a similar note to you and your other friends here. Do you or have you ever lost interest in exploring your feminine nature. As in a horny and/or sexual way. In other words. lost that "sexual charge" or feeling of practicing or doing things or wearing items or primping yourself as a female? Basically losing interest in it and reverting back to being more mentally/physically male?

    I'm going through this now. I've sort of lost interest. It's a strange feeling actually. Bizarre - I miss being charged up about my inner feminine self and desires. Miss the anticipation and personal thought process about it all.

    I hope this makes sense. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thoughtful post. Thank you lots!

  3. you should be you. truth is , you cannot honestly BE anyone else . i like to get inspired by other gurls , and by other girls , and i think thats ok. i am as feminine as i am. i am as " sissy " as i am. and i think you are both these things too. so thats good. i celebrate that ! and you are unique ( as are we all ) . in truth, it could not be any other way. i know this will prolly not help much, but it grounds me , and gives me a good place to work from. stay kool baby. xxx wetcumkisses,

  4. Ariannami do you want to chat hun?