Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Searching For The Female Orgasm

Sometimes not often but every once in a while I feel sooo sexual sooo femm sooo perfect. I catch myself in a mirror and for the briefest or moments I look at my reflection and I somehow do not feel I am the girl looking back - somehow I am not connected but the girl is ooozing sensuality and sex appeal. 

Somehow her pert breasts are just ever so perfect and her hair is divine her eyes sooo smokey and her lips plump and ready to suck.

On days like this I throw caution to the wind and play....
Because on days like this my body is alive tingling with pleasure - maybe it is the hormones maybe it is a gift wherever the feeling comes from I have learnt not to ignore it. 

Girls when you feel like this take the day off - and explore those that feel they can leave the house do so those still in the closet or not so confident then stay at home and do what ever makes you feel right. What ever makes the girl inside come alive. 

On days like this I dress immaculately and become sooo femm almost a parody of womanhood I love to dress as a PA and sit in a coffee shop sipping herbal tea writing emails and looking ever so busy. All my movements from crossing my legs to keeping my knees together feel electric I smile as I watch my hand with my perfect nails pick up my cup I bite my lip as I keep my little finger extended.

I flutter my eyelids my, I hold myself upright and taut giving myself the air of ultra prim and properness. I watch as people come and go. 

My lipstick now on the rim of the cup. I giggle ever so gently. A guy passes by he looks yummy I lower my eyes and watch him his jaw is tight he is in a suit and looks great. My sissy clit twitches - My mind spins and suddenly...

...I am in bed with him being fucked - I let out a moan and blush I turn away so he does not notice me and catch another women watching him - we both smile at each other and blush...

My mind spirals was she thinking the same thing as I was... Yes she was I look up at her again and she blushes once more and turns away. I want to invite her over and chat I want to share with her my ultra femm day and be complete.

My sissy clit twitches I adjust my seating position and uncross my legs I press my knees together and rock gently this in turn rubs my clit gently and I lick my lips. 

I need to leave I can feel the pleasure building and I need a few things.

I step out onto the street and the wind catches me by surprise so I do the girly thing and use a parked cars wing mirror to check my hair - I blush as I realise there is a guy in the drivers side. 

He presses a button and the passengers window rolls down and he leans over the passenger seat and says 

Hi can I help you. 

I reply sorry was just checking my hair. 

He responds - looks great to me

I smile and blush a little - and hurriedly walk away

I calm down a little my blushing stops and I start to strut down the street feeling sooo girlie. 

A little shopping at Rigby and Peller. I think they make some of the yummiest lacy sensual underwear. Then home to play dress up. 

Girls have you ever felt soooo hot sooo horny that your sissy clit throbs like it is about to burst?
Like your sissy balls are sooo full just touching yourself sends your sissy cum high into the air.  

I have spent weeks waiting for days like yesterday and when they come along I spend the entire day trying to cum like a women.....

The hormones don't help with getting hard but sometimes that helps a longer slower orgasm 

Holding my clit playing with my nipples and begging for release....

Girls do tell me about your experiences of the female orgasm


  1. Wow. I am not the only one who see the girl in me when I look in the mirror. Beautiful post.

  2. Jinkies, such a beautiful and erotic narrative. Why are we almost perpetually horny? I am now...

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