Friday, 18 February 2011

OMG Girls

Now be honest what would you do for him:

1. Anything
2. Suck him off
3. Let him pound your pretty pert sissy ass
4. Cry and hide in the corner
5. Run away

Giggle - blushing like mad I know what I would do....


  1. He is GORGEOUS. I want to get my grabby hands all over his body, suck him, and yes, badly want him inside me fucking me.

  2. One hand pulling his pelvis into my face the other hand massaging his prostate with his cock buried down my throat!

  3. kneeling down in front of him, my hands on his strong, firm ass i lean in and kiss his large cock head, leaving a red lipstick mark behind on the wide head, then proceed to tongue wash his cock all over before opening my warm, moist mouth and taking his magnificient cock deep inside. reaching under and craddling his heavy balls I proceed to give him a wonderful sissy gurl blowjob as only us gurls can--giggle

  4. OMG! I'm all a flutter, weak in the knees. Honestly, I'd do whatever he wanted me to do, but it would all start from me dropping to my knees in worship of his masculinity and that gorgeously mouth-watering, big black cock!

  5. I would run my tongue up and down his long shaft and kiss and suck that large cock head. I sure would love the feel of his balls slapping up against my ass as he fills me up.

  6. Oooo.....what a stud ! I hope he likes his balls being sucked . I would WANT him to do ALMOST anything . But I think I would WANT him to shoot 3 loads of jizz in me.
    Can I borrow him off you for a night ??? :-)