Monday, 21 February 2011

Can a Tgirl be a geek?

As a guy I loved comics, sci-fi etc as a girl I stepped away from these toys, habits, dreams. To be honest my super powers were always to be able to transform into a girl. Blushing like mad...

A very geeky friend asked me yesterday if I was going to the UK version of Comicon. He is one of the few people who know about the old me and the new me. 

Well I was shocked firstly he had not been in-touch for ages. (He does not know about this blog so I can be pretty honest here) I thought when I told him about my alter ego and subsequent need to change he took it badly and disappeared. But it seems he just needed an old and familiar reference point. We were best buddies and spent a lot of time in comic shops together. 

I said to him I would think about it....

He then said the maddest thing...and I quote:

'Oh come on Tab's (his pet name for me - he hates Tabby and thinks Tabitha makes me sound like a grandmother) you can dress up like mad - you would love it'

He has a point. 

1. Is my name horrid and should I change it. 


2. Yes I would love to dress up. Especially with the new slim line and svelte me I could get away with some of the more risque or kinky costumes. 

So yesterday afternoon I walked into the corner newsagent and picked up several comics I paid for them and blushing like a teenager who has just purchased a pile of porn I quickly left. 

I giggled to myself as I got home and stopped blushing. Soo who to be... Wow was I really thinking of going wow. 

So I sat down last night and with a glass of wine flicked through the comics...

obviously Cat Women...


but which one old or new?
Ad was that too obvious or did it matter? 

Could I pull off Wonder Women? Cat Women's costume coverage was a blessing could I would I dare be Wonder Women? The drink started to have an effect all of a sudden I was super girl...


Or a really kinky catgirl 


Bat girl perhaps 

Or maybe a modern character 

Something from the Matrix films I adored rubber, latex and leather perhaps this would work for me


As always I began to think too much about my thoughts - why was I thinking like this, would I really go, what would I do all day dressed like a super hero? 

Would I be found out and how would I deal with it etc...

Then it struck me perhaps tgirls are the ultimate geeks perhaps the need for us to be other people to imagine we are costumed crime fighters is greater than others because our lives are mundane or unhappy and somewhere deep inside we make the association that women's clothing is a form of costume 

How many of you want to be a maid, a school girl, a bride or a secretary 

Are these 'costumes' any less role playing than the little black dress or...

The overly hot but very quite librarian 

Or a bride on her wedding night on honeymoon?

Just because these women flaunt their sensuality and sexuality and wrap it up in a costume make it bad, make it nerdy or geeky or does it not matter....

Is this why I became a crossdresser than a tgril?

Do I want to wear costumes? 

Maybe that is where I started. But I am far further along my journey than that and I do know one thing for certain perhaps two...

1. clothes and looking amazing is vital to who I am....

2. Being femm and exploring what than means is just as important perhaps even more so. 

I want to call out in total abandoned pleasure

I want lustful eyes to want me.... 

I want to be seen as sexy, pert, thin and femm. 

And if on the occasion I need to add a little power to my female wiles I will dress as a schoolgirl or  

Super hero...

Does this mean I am going to Comiccon this April 9th in London? 

I just do not know....

Girls anyone have any ideas or links to costumes perhaps that will convince me....


  1. i am a gurl AND a trekky AND a geek ( AND proud of it ).

    i say BE WHO YOU ARE . Clothes & shoes & toys & stuff are all important , but without the REAL YOU.......they r nothing .

    But be who you CAN be. I live in Rednecksville, so , like, it just is NOT a kool idea to dress and walk down the main street here ( i mean, we have ONE Gloryhole,so....and I have to drive 40 miles north or south to get to other better gloryholes )

    ur post is kool , like ur style gurl


  2. AND , Tabs is just fine if YOU like it ( i think its kool ) . Other ppls expectations can go take a flying unowot ! I am a skoolgurl if i SAY I am . I dress like a skoolgurl for ME, not some some " person " on the other end of my cam ( yes , I C2C , aint no hiding there huh ? )

    XXX wck me

  3. go with your power outfit. Whatever you want that will cause you to strut around and feel your most absolutely fem. and the best part is you can do it again next year with a totally different costume.

  4. T Girl Lara Croft would be sexy!

  5. But dont we dress in a costume EVERY time we put on clothes? Most people dont even realize they are doing this.

  6. Firstly, Tabitha is a supah sexy name and don't ever change it!!!

    And, how simple a truth it is! Of course crossdressers are uber cosplayers! Man, some times the obvious just has to be said, right?

    You get your sexy ass to that can, and wear that latex Mary Marvel number from the last picture. I will love you forever!!! ~s~