Sunday, 20 February 2011

What do guys want from Tgirls

I have had many guys over the years ask me and since this blog double that number have emailed. 

The 3 most popular questions:

1. Where / how do I meet a tgirl
2. What do tgirls like - how do I get them to like me
3. What should I expect a tgirl to be like in bed

I find these questions sooo typical of guys but because I want my sisters to have a better time of it I will instruct the clumsy males of the species 

Guys first and foremost a tgirl is a special and delicate thing she needs gifts and constant attention.
She need to be told she is beautiful, sexy and femm. 

There are several types of tgirl and my little guide below will help you identify our special kind and also I have selected several items you might consider an appropriate gift. 

The most common type and perhaps the hardest type to infiltrate is the couple. She is stunning and sexual he loves to be dressed and used by her. 
They eventually split because she still needs cock, he needs to admit he prefers guys. 

I have seen couples start out well then split up come back together as girlfriends and live in the same house but separately and date guys. A male friend once dated both girls and managed to bed them both on the same night. He is a bit of a rogue but has a yummy body and an ever so hard fat cock. 

These girls also are very girlie and are mostly found crying while texting their girlfriend who is out on a date and most probably has a horse of a mans cock in her mouth. 

Next on the list is the true tgirl - sexy independent and brave this girl is rare. Most are fat old hairy men with very little to offer anyone they sit at home with their tiny cocks and wank into their keyboards - once they have cum shame takes over and they rush around trying to hide the evidence of their fetish. 

Once in a while a brave young guy steps into his real outer and becomes as I say the rarest of gems a true tgirl - he truly transcends and becomes a girl, he is femm, sensual, attractive and amazing. 

If you are lucky to find one do anything to hold onto her. They tend to be ultra fashionable slim and very mush aware of the finer things in life. 

The crossdresser these are the most common some are yummy some are horrid. They love to tell the world they are straight and just enjoy role playing or the clothes but deep down they want to be forced onto their knees and a fat hard musty smelling cock be forced into their mouths. 

This group is truly wide ranging in terms of fetish, taste, looks and femm values. A good cross dresser a convincing one is hard to find and is the 2nd most rare type of the species. 

They like to dress as brides, school girls, maids etc...

Lingerie is ultra important 

They love to follow trends and the better girls have fake breasts forms, hip shapers etc. 

An anomaly has grown out of tgirls and that is the genetic girls with a realistic strap on these girls look like the girl next door. But they harbour a secret life....

Some like to abuse men and take their revenge for the years of penetration by penetrating guys they love to femm guys and break them make them their toys and eventually dress them as girls. 

I have met several of these anomalies and they tend to leave once they have made you suck another mans cock. 


The other type loves to cross dress they love to wear mens clothes and pretend to have cocks they can be a quite butch and tend to like to fuck other women or the most convincing tgirls 


The last group is perhaps the most interesting - they get real pleasure in blurring the lines they are perhaps the closest to a true female tgirl. Very rare very exciting and highly recommended 


The girls discussed so far are all pre op (excluding the genetic strap on girls) the next type is post op. If a more sensual, elegant, sexy breed of women exist then show me...

These girls have fought tooth and nail to become women and are desperate to be as femm and as real as possible. 

The last group is the fantasy group the impossible group the one we all strive for and once in a while we see a glimmer of hope that she could be the one... 

Girls like Becky Impossibly slim, sensual and ever sooo sexy. 


  1. Hi Tabby,
    I found absolutely wonderful the description of the "different types of T-girls"
    But you didn't got to the point of what men want from TGirls...
    Well let me help you here. I am a man who loves TGirls.
    What do I look in TGIrls, well the whole package.
    I have many friends TGirls. I love to understand how they feel and what they feel.
    If they are Crossdressers, what do they feel before, during, while and after the crossdressing. I love to see the transformation.
    I also like to see their reactions when tehy are complimented on how beautiful they are, how well dressed they are, how femenine...
    In bed (or elsewhere) I love to be active and passive. To penetrate and be penetrated is something amazing. To have a threesome and be the ham in the sandwich is one of the hottest experiences any man can have.
    No one can suck a dick better than a TS. No one can penetrate you better than a TS (maybe a gay, but if you don't like the masculine partner like me) since thay have experienced both... and is the real thing, not a plastic wand.
    How do you make a TS to like, you, well the same way you get a woman to like you. A TS is a woman with an added value.
    There are some girls who they want to in control and active, well they use a strap-on, but is not the same...
    Hope this helps comming from a man that has had TS and girl lovers, who respects them and enjoys it...

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