Tuesday, 15 February 2011

When is too big too big

As you all gorgeous readers know I am always trying to get inside the female mind, think like them, act like them, move like them and most importantly experience life like them - imagine how a women would react, think, feel etc. 

I was chatting to some friends a few days ago over a glass or three of wine and the guy in the group said that men have a constant worry about penis size. This got me thinking...

Do girls chat about how fat, long, big their hubbies cocks are. Does a women show more female qualities if she can take a fat cock - is she more womanly this seems a little silly but is it.

Guys are more manly if their cocks are huge can girls be more womanly if they can take a huge cock? Or does that make her a slut?

Is this another double standard? 

Do girls chat about their lovers cocks? Or do they chat about the effect those cocks have on them? 
Girls - all you real GG's out there tell us poor tgirls the truth let us into your secret sphere...

Am I better than her because I can take more of him into my mouth?

Does it make it better, naughtier if you can deep throat - how many of you swallow? 

Do you look at cocks as wonderful things do they make you wet or are they ugly. 

Do you like to lick it 

Have it forced into you?

Do you like to challenge yourself

Take a record so you can show off to your girlfriends?

Are you the type that needs to be full

Or do you prefer the anticipation and delight of a hard cock

I imagine girls do this or so I wish giggle - because I sooo do it. I love to measure the cock and work out how deep it will go by having the guy place it on me

Are you the type of girl that wants to feel a little pain 

Do real girls think like this or do they hide it is it something that they hide away for shame and only really let go when they are drunk or high?

Do tell.... 


  1. I always am reminded of that tgirl blessing: our boipussies can accept cocks up to 18" whereas anything longer than 8" can become painful for genetic girls.

    HA ha!


  2. big cock is for man like big boobs for woman.. or not?

  3. giggles....i have to say something about Monster Cocks ( i have never had one, but...) from the porn i have seen, monster cocks cannot fuck a pussy properly cos they just Dont Fit ! even in their ass, he will have a few problems. anything over 12 inches seems to be painful ( no matter how much she is being paid ). i have had 10 inches , and that was plenty, but i think i could take 12 inches . 18 inches ? giggles again.....CAN I WATCH ???

  4. Oh my! I once had a 10 inch. It was a bit painful but it filled me up so deliciously. However, I had trouble sitting down comfortably for a week.