Thursday, 11 June 2009

Who am I - Part 4

Having spent far too much time thinking about this I have finally decided to close this chapter and post a final explanation of whom I believe Tabby is so that I can get on with exploring the various facets of her personality. 

If I could create a life for Tabby she would be a uptown well spoken Sloane Sq Girl, her family would have a large manor house in the country. I spoke with my sister about this and she is convinced that I like the idea of the clothing and the change of clothing from the city to the country. I think she is right.

I also believe that I have a fondness perhaps even a weakness for women like these or perhaps it is jealousy - I am really trying to understand and be honest with myself and I must admit that being wealthy living in the city during the week and lunching and attending parties then lunging in the country side in a large manor house seems like a totally glam life - does this mean I am lazy?

Does this mean I am not really femm but rather want the power that women hood affords one can I be happy to let someone else work so that I can play?

Or is my sister right is it the clothes....

I spent a few hours searching for images that made me feel yes that is Tabby and I wanted to examine them and try to understand what it is that attracts me to the image.

This is very much the city girl in the city at the weekend - that rare occasion when she has not gone home to the country estate. I adore this look casual but sexy. I also see myself as an older ish women some one in her late 20's early 30"s I want to be slim but I also want curves. 

This image is how I wish Tabby would look and behave she is out on the town, dressed in the most cutting edge fashion and is so glam it hurts. Look at those legs!!!

I adore this image this is how I would dress in the country during the day visiting the local village chatting to the farmers soo yummy 

Walking in the estate I would walk the dogs like this and the strong charming softly spoken hunk of a game keeper would walk along side and we would not speak but just adore each others company I would blush every now and then as he would hold my hand to help me over the rocks and obstacles.

The local village pub would have a rugby team and a girls la cross team and I would be a player on the team. I adore this image and love the idea of belonging to a girls team. 

This is a stunning image I adore her look and the tailored coat is to die for. I can see Tabby dressing like this when she arrives on a friday night from the city. 

Throwing a ball - How Tabby would dress at the local ball. 

Saturday night dinner party - I adore the idea of dressing for the occasion and dinner with friends would make the occasion yummy. The maids would be so cute and I would look divine. 

A little touch of the 50's glam I adore the 50's women were sooo stunning and just so sexy - I can see myself lounging around on Sunday mornings in a silk dressing gown 

Sunday afternoon by the lake watching the men swim and chatting with the girls while we picnic.